Drowsiness from ACV

by Becca
(Uniontown, Oh, USA)

Do you get drowsiness from ACV use?

My boyfriend and I have really been getting into ACV for about two weeks now. We did a bunch of research on it, and I even found a book on apple cider vinegar about two days ago written by Mr. Braggs himself.

We're using apple cider vinegar for the health benefits not as a detox, but I believe the detox comes automatically with drinking it.

I started taking it yesterday and can feel myself detoxing. My boyfriend started taking it about 5 days to a week ago and has been having pains which I told him were detoxing and he has been feeling extra drowsy.

I believe he has chronic fatigue which ACV is supposed to help with.

He's wondering if these are "normal" symptoms and if they will subside. I'm wondering if you have an answer that helps us.

Thank you!

Becca and Kyle.

Dear Becca and Kyle,

I don't normally classify drowsiness from ACV as a "typical" symptom, but as you realized, you can have drowsiness as a detox symptoms, so there could definitely be a relationship there.

What type of pain is Kyle having, and where? How much ACV is he using per day? If he's taking too much, he may be experiencing some pain that he should not be experiencing.

A lot of people tend to start off too aggressively with a protocol and then suffer detox symptoms that are uncomfortable enough to make them give up. It's better to start with a lesser amount and gradually work your way up so that your body has a chance to adjust.

For chronic fatigue (or simple lack of energy, etc), you may want to try one of the green whole foods, like Leaf Greens or BarleyLife. The nutritional boost from these types of whole food supplements really support the immune system and provide an energy boost that Kyle will probably find most helpful.

I hope that you both find that the drowsiness from ACV subsides and that you begin to really notice the benefits.


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