Dust Mites

by Cindy
(San Dimas, CA)

Is This Dust Mites or ?

After finding out our lawn had mites I bought mite killer for it.

I also bought flea and tick shampoo for my mini schnauzer. I bathe and spray her twice a week and thought that would take care of it.

It did, but now I feel crawling on my face and hands in my bed when I'm sleeping. I feel the "bugs" crawling on my face into my eyes. I have to get up and wash my face before I can go back to sleep.

They make my eyes feel gritty, my hands feel gritty, and my feet.


Hi Cindy,

Are you only experiencing these crawling sensations while you are in bed, but not during the day while you are around your house?

It's possible that you can be dealing with dust mites, of course, but to be honest, I'm wondering if you might be having a reaction to the chemicals in the mite killer you used on the lawn. Or the flea and tick shampoo.

It may be simply a coincidence that these symptoms started after you treated the yard and your dog, but more likely not.

Do you have any other symptoms beyond the ones you have described? Trouble breathing? Digestive complaints? Anything?

How old is your mattress? It's not something you have just obtained is it?

I would make a few suggestions based on what
you've already said:

  1. Try using some Avon Skin So Soft oil in your bath water, or just make up a little mixture to apply to your hands, feet, and face before you go to bed. Many parasites hate the stuff, so if you are dealing with something external, it may keep them away from you.

  2. Get some organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's) and take a teaspoon in a glass of water at least once per day. By the way, you can also put a teaspoon in your dog's water to help keep fleas, etc., away. It can even be diluted in some water and sprayed on her coat as well.

  3. Raw honey from your area is a natural antihistamine. If you are experiencing an allergy to mites of some sort, an antihistamine may help with the feeling of gritty eyes. You could also use an over the counter antihistamine if you prefer, but I always like to try honey first.

  4. Garlic is another great natural option that helps to drive pests away. If you love garlic like I do, you can just start using some in your daily cooking. If you'd rather not smell like garlic, try garlic tablets like Bear Paw Garlic.

Depending on what answers or further information you provide, I may be able to offer more suggestions, but that will do for starters.

To your good health!

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