Earwigs, Springtails, And Powderpost Beetles

by Josephine
(Columbia,SC USA )

An Earwigs, Springtails, and Powderpost Beetles Nightmare!

In March or early April of this year, my neighbor's apartment was flooded. Not knowing the circumstances, all of sudden I start seeing and being bitten by little bugs.

Thinking they were fleas I started home extermination. After several weeks of this, I sought the help of the apartment manager, Sandie. The Exterminator came out sprayed once, twice, three, and even four times to no avail. He was using the wrong spray.

By this time the bugs had infested the apartment and I felt like I was being eaten alive. The residents and manager thought I was crazy or senile, for I had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago and am 64 years old.

The bugs "are nothing but trash" Sandie said for they were so tiny and she did not want it to be known that the building had bugs.

Even the Exterminator could not identify the them. So I gathered a few of the bugs and took them to our Clemson Extension who identified them as earwigs, springtails, and powderpost beetles.

I confronted management with this info - they did nothing. I went to the ER complaining that my feet and legs felt as if they were on fire. The Dr. prescribed Permethrin Cream, some ointment and Hydroxysine pills for itching. I finally got some relief but the critters were still biting!!!

I went to my doctor, allergist and 2 dermatologists, who at this stage had become tired of me and did not know what the problem was. At first they wrote letters stating because of the infestation, things should be replaced or I should be moved to another apartment.

Then after management wrote scathing letters to them (questioning my honesty among other things), they wanted nothing to do with me. I am now seeing another doctor to test if the medications I am on can cause burning, stinging and hurting of the skin; dry itchy skin and scalp, fibers coming out of the skin, body odor, etc.

All I want is relief and to be the
way I was initially. A good lawyer is not out of the question. Please could somebody give me some pointers?

Hi Josephine,

I am so sorry to hear about the drama you have been suffering with the conditions in your residence. I know you don't need this frustration on top of your recent stroke.

Flooding can definitely cause a number of problems in a home or building. Apart from mold and various bacteria, you do have more susceptibility to bugs like earwigs, springtails, and powderpost beetles.

If you have a dehumidifier, that would be one way to start eliminating some of the problem. By getting rid of the moisture in the apartment, you will make the environment less appealing to bugs like springtails.

Based on my research, it doesn't appear that earwigs, springtails, and powderpost beetles are known for biting human beings. They are certainly a nuisance, but not biters like fleas.

I'm not doubting that you are getting bitten, I just wonder if it perhaps something else that has yet to be identified.

If you can't get any satisfaction from your apartment management, I would go to the health department and complain. If you just move out, the next person is liable to have the same problem you are experiencing.

It IS possible that your exposure to the chemicals from so many attempts at extermination or the chemicals in the medications you've been using are causing the burning sensations you're experiencing.

I would highly recommend an internal cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend and a rebuilding of the good bacteria in your system with Florafood, natural probiotics.

This should help give your body the ability to fight off whatever is causing you these unpleasant symptoms from the inside.

You may also want to get some raw, organic apple cider vinegar to use in your bath water or even straight on your skin to help soothe your skin and aid in healing.

I sincerely hope that you are able to get some help to get the situation cared for properly.

To your good health!

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Jun 26, 2013
mw treatment powderpost beetle NEW
by: Anonymous

http://powderpost-beetle.com what you need MW treatment

Jul 18, 2011
parasites @ worms
by: Anonymous

if you have coton and string stuff, look up under parasites i believe i saw he little monster that makes donut hole like cotton, and the ones that look like string - im pretty sure are worms been going thru this for a week ive looked up so many sites, but try as soon as possible diatomaceous earth- between using it like directed @ taking baths with ammonia i think we are winning i wish you all the luck, cause i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy//

Jul 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

we also rent. @ after 2 weeks of rainey weather. i also started getting bit. i could actually see them leaving "trails" under my carpet, oh but heres the clincher--my husband doesnt see anything @ he's not getting bit. now i dont like bugs, im 57 and seen my share of scarrie things --but the more i tried to prove it to him the more he was giving me the crazy look. i have a jewelrs loop, you can see 10 times what the naked eye cant thru one of these. oh my goodness, thats one thing i wish i,d never seen, oh yea, my husband can,t see thru a loop and needs glasses after this ordeal/ so, i decide to try to pull these ;;;;; up on the computer. what i learned is that earwigs do bring a great many differentbugs when they come to visit,@they bite, as my husband found out the next day when they were dining on him, its ben horrible but we finally go some diatomace earth i believe were going to win

Jun 11, 2011
florida panhandle
by: Anonymous

try Listerine on you skin it is a old remade i ran across on the internet. we have postpowder Beatles infestation i sprayed with a chemical called demon Wd it took 14 days for re-leave plus i had to double the does 2 packs to 1 gallon of water. but i had bugs or worms get into my skin.my question is can these be powderpost beetless or is this something caused by them.

Dec 19, 2010
perhaps i have the solution
by: Anonymous

i have been living in this hell , as all of you , suddenly one day it all started , itching all over the body , also my kids where itching ,
i took sampels all over the house , and the only thing that kept comming back where springtails and house mites ( funiture mites ) it was bad 24/7 each day for over 2 years , but worst in the evening , i felt it in my nose , ears , hair on the back and mostly on my legs & feet something was crawling on us . my doctor came to our place , to see ( very rare here in denmark that doctors come to your house ), everything had been poisoned many times , the house where gassed . and we still felt it . especially in the car and in the beds . i thought it was fleas or bed bugs . my doctor now think we are crazy:0( but 14 days ago the came a break through - and i dident understand it first - now i do .
both my kids has been suffering for acke for 2 years and they are to young to have that , but then they suddenly got a round rash in there faces. and the doctor suddenly took us seriusly . they had dandruff eczema also known as Seboroisk Dermatitis - how amazing this sounds i found out that house mites and springtails live of fungus - and they where eating fungus from us . after starting with nizoral shampoo 2% and nizoral chreme - it still where itching - today i had the first day where it dident itch - yes :0))))) its a living nightmare and i belive its over . i take garlic and lots of water . and bath in nizoral each day . try it please and get a life again . get well everyone - this deserves no one :0)

Dec 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

my step-mother had open sores all over her body,she would constantly pick and scratch them.[And still does] We thought it was cat fleas biting her.that was what the pest control man said it was.i seemed to have caught this biting and itching symptom from her.I started looking on the internet when scabies cream didn't phase them.now I realize I have the fibers and cotton lookin things coming out of me,my step-mother does also.The dermotoligist has got me on worm meds for animals.Hope it works I am also spraying down with malalucia oil that has antibacterial and peppermintin it ,using sulphar cream on my body and hair.Wish me luck.I will let u know how it goes.

Dec 12, 2009
by: Kim

This is the same thing that is going on in our house and it true they get in you skin and cause open sores it has been the worst thing i have ever been through

Oct 29, 2009
Earwigs, Springtails, and Powderpost Beetles
by: Angie

I'm glad if any of my suggestions will be of help to you. I do think they will if you put them into practice.

I have to agree with you that you are probably dealing with some form of parasite if you actually have unusual things coming from your skin.

I hope this doctor will be able to give you some solid advice that will bring you relief.

I always revert back to a good internal cleanse as my best suggestion.

Do keep us posted.

Oct 28, 2009
by: Josephine

Thank you so much for the suggestions that you gave. I have an appointment with my Dr. to see if any of my medications could be the culprit. I'm also going to the Health Dept. cause I am itchy and very uncomfortable. But if not parasites, why are materials coming from my skin? I do not understand everything that is happening to me for it happened so suddenly and out of the blue. But I will keep in touch with this web site cause someone else might have similar or the same symtoms. Again thanks, Josephine

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