Experiencing A Bite Like Syndrome

by Sara

I am experiencing a bite like syndrome.

Sometimes I feel something is biting me. It happens during the day, but there is nothing there. I am sure of this.

Can it be a stress irritation?
The bites look like a mosquito or flea bite.

Help please.

Dear Sara,

It's certainly true that stress can cause our body to react in all manner of strange and unexpected ways.

I've known people that develop a rash because of stress, but I can't tell you whether this would be the problem in your particular situation.

The fact that you are actually feeling bite-like sensations makes me think it is perhaps something else.

Since you are seeing physical marks that look like a mosquito or flea bite, it's possible that you are genuinely getting bitten by a form of mite, sand fly, or other tiny parasite that you can't easily see with the naked eye.

Have you noticed whether you are experiencing a bite like syndrome during a certain time of day or when you are in a particular location? If you can narrow down a specific time or place, that may help in determining whether or not it IS a genuine bite.

Are your "bites" itching? Burning? Or just looking like a rash?

Have you started using any new products or eating any new foods that could be causing an allergic reaction in your system? That is something else to consider.

Of course, there's always the chance that you have an internal parasite issue or toxic build up in your system that is expressing itself through your skin.

Have you tried anything on your skin topically? Some options you might want to try is...

  • the gel from inside an aloe vera plant (if you have any locally)

  • raw, unfiltered, apple cider vinegar (you can also put a tablespoon in a glass of water to drink once or twice per day to help)

  • an essential oil like tea tree, eucalyptus, oregano, coriander, lavender, or neem

They may or may not get rid of the underlying problem (depending on what it is), but you may at least be able to get some relief from your discomfort.

To your good health!

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