Extreme Fluid Retention

by Philip
(Ellicott City, MD USA)

My wife (62) has extreme fluid retention in upper legs and abdomen - red rash on those areas - minimal elimination of either urine or stool - even coffee enemas are starting to be retained.

Never any relief gained from anti-parasitic herbal regimens, magnesium citrate solutions, etc.

She has suffered with this for the last 8 months; symptoms seem to worsen daily.

Please offer guidance.
Thank you so much!

Dear Philip,

I'm so sorry to hear about your poor wife and the suffering she is going through at the moment.

What makes you think that her condition may be related to a parasitic problem? Has someone suggested that to you?

Has she seen a doctor and been checked for anything like congestive heart failure?

Sometimes extreme fluid retention in the upper legs and abdomen can be related to that condition, particularly if you can push your finger in the puffy skin and see an indentation left behind like a pit.

I'm not trying to alarm you unnecessarily, but I do want you to be aware of the possibility. Congestive heart failure is not the only possibility.

My own dear mother was having a very similar problem a couple of years ago. It was eventually determined that she had a swollen lymph node pressing on her para aortic artery which was restricting normal fluid flow to her limbs and causing
her extreme fluid retention.

One of the things that helped the most to reduce her fluid retention (edema) was dandelion root. We picked some up at the health food store and she took the recommended number of drops 3 times per day (if I remember correctly).

Sadly, she had an underlying problem of which we were unaware at the time. Cancer had begun spreading through her body and the Lord eventually took her to be with Him in January 2010. I still miss her every single day.

Your wife may like to try the dandelion to try to help relieve her own symptoms, but whether you choose to pursue conventional medicine, or natural medicine, or a combination of both, it would be a good idea to seek further testing to be sure that her symptoms are not from something quite serious and/or treatable.

If you would prefer to seek help from a doctor skilled in natural medicine, you can contact the International College of Integrative Medicine, www.icimed.com, (866)464-5226 to find someone in your area who may be of help to you.

You do have my deepest sympathies as I know how difficult to watch someone you love so much in pain and be unable to help much.

Please keep me posted on how your wife progresses. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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Jul 25, 2018
Hang in NEW
by: Oneof you

Food grade diatomaceous earth

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