Feel Like A Leper!

by Ronda

I feel like a leper.

My family and doctor thinks I am crazy..It makes me wonder, too...but I know it's coming from the gut out..it's horrid..it hurts..it's disgusting...

I cannot go out, wear short sleeves or shorts. It's bad.

I live in an old mold home, too...and many other things, such as all I eat is sugar...junk.

I am always ill...on antis..immune shot. GOD help me here in Ohio. No one else seems to have this...I wanna die.

Dear Ronda,

I'm not sure if you'll find your way back to this page since you didn't leave an email address to be notified in the confirmation/notification box, but I do hope you come back and find your post and my response.

I'm so sorry to hear that you feel like a leper. It may seem like you are completely alone, but there are so many people who comment on this site who are going through a similar situation and they feel like a leper, too. Maybe you can draw some encouragement and hope from reading their stories.

An old moldy house is a terrible situation to have to deal with. Is there absolutely nothing you can do about either getting out of that environment or at the very least getting rid of as much of the mold as possible?

When I was visiting my dad in Ohio last year, I found that the walls inside his house were getting coated with mold because of the temperature he kept the house at during the winter months. Here's what I did to clean the mold from the walls...

Get a bottle of pure clove oil. If you have a big house with a lot of rooms affected, you may end up needing more than one bottle. :)

In a bucket of warm water put in about 20 drops of the clove oil (you can adjust for more or less water as needed). I don't have an exact amount, I just guesstimate.

Use a rag to wipe down the walls, woodwork, and ceilings (and any furniture, if necessary)
with the clove oil water.

For me, it was a big job. It could take a couple of days per room to do a really good job of it, especially if you have to move a lot of furniture, etc.

The benefit of using clove oil for cleaning mold is that it is very anti-fungal and it not only does a good job, it helps keep the re-growth of the mold at bay for a longer period of time.

Do what you can with cleaning the mold, but don't stop there! Just as important (or maybe even more important) is to clean YOUR insides.

You really need to give yourself at least a 3 month cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend. It's important to use the HFB faithfully twice per day and drink plenty of water to help it do the job of cleaning out the intestinal parasites, toxins, fungal overgrowth, etc., that is most likely the root of your problems.

You also need to take probiotics every day. These are the good bacteria that live in your digestive tract and fight against the bad bacteria. If you use Florafod, take at least 2 capsules per day, more if you can afford it.

Since you've been taking antibiotics, you need the probiotics even more to replenish good bacteria. Please don't ignore this.

You already know that you need to change your diet. Sugar is your enemy! It feeds parasites, mold (yeast overgrowth), etc., and will really hinder your healing.

There are other supplements that would help you greatly, but I don't know your financial situation. If you can afford more than those basics, take a look at the suggestions for Morgellons treatment and you'll find a full protocol that would do the most good.

I sincerely hope that you are able to follow these suggestions and start to see some progress and healing. If I was "home" in Ohio, I'd offer to come over and give you a hand with the cleaning, but since I can't, I'm praying for you.


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Mar 16, 2012
Kinesiology + Internal Cleansing and Immune Support NEW
by: Angie

I am glad to hear that the kinesiologist you have seen has given you supplements for cleansing and building your immune system. As I stated above, that's the only way to actually get rid of an internal parasite issue.

Knowing that they have provided you with herbs and probiotics makes it even more foolish for you to say that using an herbal parasite cleanse and the supplements that we recommend are a waste of money.

It is also not true that you have to use the products 10 days on and 5 days off. That may be the case with some product that you have purchased in the past, but has nothing whatsoever to do with the suggestions made on this page or this website.

If you are going to make suggestions or comments for or against using natural products, and a protocol to follow, please be sure you have your facts straight and that you are specific in what you are referring to.

You are contradicting yourself by saying that your kinesiologist is a master herbalist and sold you an herbal cleanse and probiotics and then proceeding to tell everyone that other herbal products and probiotics won't help them. :)

Although all natural products on the market are not equally of good quality, there are many that ARE excellent, which is why we try to source and recommend those that we know to be the best, either from our own personal use or from thorough research.

A good quality herbal/parasite cleanse WILL get rid of internal parasites.

I am sincerely glad that you found someone locally who has been a help to you and whom you feel you can trust. I hope that you continue to see good results.

Mar 16, 2012
kinesiology NEW
by: Anonymous

A kinesiologist gives you a product for killing the liver flukes as well as a drainagae product and lots of probiotics. they don' just diagnose you and do nothing.
They know what they are doing besides being a kinesiologist they are also a master hebalist. They know there business. These products you can use every day for the treatment period, but when you just use herbal remadies you have to treat for 10 days on and 5 days off, until you are free from parasites, because some parasites are in cycles while others are not.Try it for yourself. dont just be sold an herbal cleanser & parasite cleanse it will not get rid of your parasites. If you dont believe me try it & see for yourself.
That is why I stopped going to regular doctors they called me a liar & I do not like to be called a liar when I know my body & they dont.
People check it out I am not joking it works. & you wont be told to see a head shrink or be called a liar or sold some herbal cleanse that wont do anything for you but clean out your wallet. Good luck people.

Mar 16, 2012
Liver flukes, intestinal parasites, fungal overgrowth NEW
by: Angie

Although kinesiology can be helpful in many circumstances, and can probably reduce your pain levels in these types of instances, it won't get rid of liver flukes, intestinal parasites, or fungal overgrowth.

You really DO need to cleanse internally to remove the underlying problem from the inside out and build up your immune system so that you don't get a recurrence.

Mar 15, 2012
liver flukes, intestinal parasites of any kind NEW
by: Anonymous

My experience is do not go to a doctor, they will call you a liar. They don't believe you can get a parasite of any kind.
The remady is to go to a kinesiologst. I saw one yesterday & today I have results and he did not call me a liar or tell me to see a shrink.
When all else fails do this for yourself. But be prepared you insurance will not pay for this visit, you will have to pay for it yourself. If you want to get your health back do this for your self. Good luck to all in your quest for help

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