Fine White Wavy Hairs In Eyes

by Melissa
(Rochester NY )

I've been suffering with an eye problem for years. There are fine, wavy, white hairs annoying the crap out of me coming from my eyes!

There is a foreign body sensation in my eyes.

I find these hairs everyday on shirt, pillow, car, etc. I feel them in my eyes and then feel them fall on my cheeks. Some are longer than others, about an inch or so. They gravitate in air almost ghost like.

What can this be? I've pulled all my lashes out because of this.

Help :(

Hi Melissa,

When I first read your submission title of fine white wavy hairs in eyes, I thought immediately that you were referring to "floaties."

My husband suffers from that condition and it drives him nuts, too. Basically, floaties are supposedly little bits of protein in the eyeball that tear away and are floating around in the fluid in your eye. At least that's what the eye doctor has told him. :)

Floaties are especially visible when you are outside in the sun. He says it looks like a bunch of white hairs floating in front of your vision.

Over the last 10 years they have gotten progressively worse (more of them) and although they don't hurt him at all, they really obstruct his vision and sometime make him feel a bit dizzy.

These white floating hairs that you are describing that you believe to be coming out of your eyes and landing on your furniture, etc., are not something I am familiar with.

Are they making your eyes itch or burn?

Perhaps someone else who has had a similar experience or knows what you are referring to will see your post and add some more feedback using the comment link provided below.

Kind regards,

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