Flea Bites On Humans

by Mary

Question about flea bites on humans:

Can a flea get in you and be considered a parasite?

Hi Mary,

Fleas are definitely considered parasites. They live off the blood of other creatures.

Fleas generally prefer the blood of cats, dogs, and other four footed beasts. But, if humans are available, they'll enjoy feeding on them, too.

The flea is an ectoparasite, which means it lives outside the body. Endoparasites live inside the body, like bacteria, viruses, and worms.

I've not really heard of fleas living inside the body, human or animals. I don't think they can survive in that environment. You may have seen dogs biting at the fleas crawling on them. When they swallow them, the flea may die, but the bacteria and/or tapeworm that the flea was carrying can survive in the dog and bring on worm problems, etc.

Flea bites on humans are quite common. They feel like little pinpricks, and they itch like crazy! For most people, they don't cause more than a minor irritation, but others may be more sensitive and have a more severe skin reaction and irritation.

As I said earlier, unfortunately, fleas can carry disease and other parasites and transfer them to you when they bite you (or when they are ingested). So, in reality, even though
the flea parasites don't live inside you, they may have left behind another parasite invader that can seriously affect your health.

If you know you have a problem with fleas on your pets or in your home, there are chemical treatments you can buy to help get rid of fleas. Personally, I don't like them much and try to use natural remedies whenever possible.

One natural solution that many people have found success with is the use of apple cider vinegar. Fleas don't seem to like it at all!

If you are concerned that you may have an internal parasite infection as a result of a flea bite on humans, it's always a good idea to use a natural digestive cleanse.

I use and recommend Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing the body of parasites. It's a gentle but potent herb and fiber supplement that can be mixed with a bit of juice or water a couple of times a day.

I've found Herbal Fiberblend to be very effective in helping to rid the body of unpleasant waste and improving many health conditions.

If you have further questions about flea bites on humans, please feel free to use the comment form and I'll do my best to help you out.

To your good health!

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