Flea Like Insect

by Carol
(Winston-Salem, NC)

Since the end of July of 2011, I have been plagued by some sort of flea like insect which crawls all over my body, into my hair, ears, nose and actually into my mouth.

They attach themselves onto my clothes and linen and even after washing in hot laundromat water will not be removed before quite a few washings.

I have been storing my clothes in zip lock bags to protect them and would like help eliminating these bugs from my body and my home.

I have tried to capture this insect and examined it under the microscope to my horror. The stages seem to begin with little specks that I collect on little alcohol pads.


  1. Little things crawling on my face down from my hair, trying to get into my ear, when swatted with a small alcohol pad, looks sort of oval but not completely round, has kind of jell like off yellow body, more transparent like.

  2. Still crawling, now it bites, when captured now appears to have longer body. The ones caught after biting appears to be the same insect now with a much longer body and red line going through it's body which looks like the digestive system and the blood going through it looks like a long line going through it's body, some has multiple red lines going through it's body but appears reddish to the naked eye.

  3. I found three larger black dots, like pepper grain on the side of my bed where I put Vaseline to prevent them from crawling up all the way to get to me. When viewed under the microscope I was horrified to see the same insect, now looking more like a flea, but with lots of the little lines or hairlike tentacles all over it's body and could be described as a little hair flea.

I don't know what kind of insect this is, but it sure scares me to know that such a monstrous thing is living on my body and biting into me. Especially when it
gets into the ear and creates the most excruciating pain when it starts to bite.

It's hard to get them out. I try spraying alcohol into my ear. Alcohol seems to kill them on contact. And I noticed that tea tree oil on my hair seems to keep them away from my head.

Hi Carol,

I know you said that these seem to be a flea like insect, but I wonder if you have considered bedbugs. Are you only getting bitten at night?

Another thought is body lice, which sounds more like the description of your different "stages."

I know that the idea of body lice horrifies people, but it doesn't mean you are dirty or anything like that anymore. These days you can easily pick up unpleasant parasites at hotels, restaurants, and other common locations.

You said you have captured some of these bugs. It would be great if you could take them to your local cooperative extension or similar place to have them looked at and identified.

Once you know for certain what it is that is biting you, it will be easier for you to find the best way to get rid of them.

It's a good sign that you have found that tea tree oil helps keep them away from you and that alcohol kills them too.

Essential oils like tea tree, lavender, neem, etc., are good choices when trying to get rid of body lice and other parasites. Put some in your bath water and even mix with some olive or coconut oil and apply directly to your skin, hair, and scalp. (You'll need to wash the hair with a dish-washing liquid that has a degreaser - like Dawn - or rinse with vinegar to cut the oil).

You definitely have to be diligent to clean your clothes and linens well to get rid of a body lice infestation, but hopefully you'll be able to get rid of these flea like insects, whatever they may be.

To your good health!

Comments for Flea Like Insect

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Feb 13, 2017
Try The Herbal Fiberblend Cleanse
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Tracy,
If you can't manage to follow the full parasite cleansing protocol, at least try a thorough cleanse with the Herbal Fiberblend and Composure. I think you will find it quite helpful.

Feb 11, 2017
by: Tracy

I thought I was losing my mind...this has been going on for a decade now. I started noticing odd things after I contracted c-diff and it took me a year to get rid of! I really started to see actual bugs and worms when I started doing meth 4yrs ago,but assumed it was from the drugs. Now I am 6 months clean and yet still experiencing the same issues. My eyesight has completely gone downhill,I have constant headaches,muscle spasms,restless leg syndrome,arthritis,hearing and sense of smell loss,mental cloudiness,confusion,chest pain...

Jan 28, 2016
Sounds like bird mites
by: beachbrat

Doesn't sound like bedbugs to me, as bedbugs are very visible to the naked eye. It sounds like bird mites. This is a growing epidemic all over the U.S., but somewhat recent to Western U.S. There are many reported cases in Southern California with the numbers growing everyday. For more info. go here: http://www.birdmites.org/

Mar 26, 2015
Something Bugging You?
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Joe,
The best advice I can offer you is the what I have already suggested to the others.

I've found the best results by using an internal cleanse called Herbal Fiberblend and boosting the immune system with nutritional supplements.

You can also try topical treatments in addition to those suggestions for a two-prong approach. I would suggest organic cold pressed coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and/or clove oil (or another of the essential oils that are anti-parasitic).

If you want specific suggestions and a protocol to follow, feel free to email me directly using the contact form providing me with more details of your situation.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Mar 24, 2015
I have the same thing happening to me.
by: Joe

I sure could use some help on what to do about this. Help please

Jan 28, 2015
I can't believe im not alone
by: searching for understanding

I am in shock I have been dealing with this for many years and thought that I was cursed, these things have stolen my will im in over my head and I can't believe I'm not alone but my situation is the same but no one can see them or at least no one will tell me I, on the other hand see constant black dots over my eyes or see squiggly small lines in my peripheral when I'm in the sunlight I can see them hovering over me. I would like to say same something with out being judged.I have been a relapsing attic for fourteen years.When I dont do the drug, I have slivers on my body and my scalp is always Sandy & or at times gooey if I scratch my finger tips swell up and my cuticle s puff up I have what look like beauty marks( brown specks) places I never had before especially around my eyes my eyebrows are always sandy and have bits also my eye sight has diminished and the optometrists said I'm a three on a one to five scale of having glaucoma. The crawling sensations on my little ears sometimes feel as if I can hear them crawling and the feelin of them clogged . Ok so like I said that's sober, without the drug. Ive stayed sober for two years and felt as if they were going away. Im not proud to say this but I recently had a go with this haunting addiction and could not believe what was happening...hairs growning out of my lips or the conors of my mouth. At one point I could see multiple knat looking tiny bug crawling in n out of my skin...spiders and flys are always around when I stand infront of the freezer I literally felt something jump out of my face in go into the freezer and visa versa..yes I know what it sounds like just another delusional drug attic...my skin becomes yellow and green and look like patterns almost in ringworm form. My whole body but moreso my legs become sticky with this gooie film, seems like id been in over my head for too long..I know im not hallucinating because it takes at least a day w no sleep to do that and this time when I relapsed it happened within the first hour of doing it. Im a recovering addict, my mom passed away this past month and I felt sorry for myself and nursed my wounds. After six months shy of three years, when I was an active addict I would pass it off for my own benefit as IM TRIPPING these years sober have shown me that IM NOT...all the things these beautiful ppl have been going thru fits me to a t. I am totally Naive to all these God given erbs and you guy's combinations to proven cures, such amazing and much needed remedies, I just want to express my gratitude because I have really become in a depressive state. I ask for your guidance. Please tell me in a step by step format how I can kill these microscopic gargantuan pest. I HOPE I HAVE NOT SAID TO MUCH..but let me close by telling you this I have a mass growing on my forhead the dermatologist said it was a lymphoma he said he would have to remove it in whole but wont let me go under the knife because of the staff and bacterial infections I have because of these flesh eating wounds.So, he sent me to an infectious disease doctor for the boils and unhealing wounds she pumped me full of antibiotics and the sores still scar my body. I did not tell my doctor about everything else, because I have seeked help only to be written off as a lunatic. She was never able to flush the bacteria out. I have been treated for all medically acknowledge skin diseases. The last doctor told me I needed to up my hygiene when Im not a dirty person. Its embarrassing only its not because no one ever acknowledges it.I tried showing family members what I was tAlking about but they jump fly or mutate so quickly it looks almost as smoke. Where ever I spend more than a couple hours the building becomes foggy almost smokey. Ppl are constantly sneezing when I am around especially my own child.
I was recently in an accident and a blow was dealt to my forehead where the "lymphoma" was, it has now moved lower and has seemed to flatten but if its a mass that would have to be removed why would it react as such. I am beginning to think that this is not what he thinks it to be and just more affects of these flea knat whimps bot flys ..parasites. I read of children in fifth world countries growing these horn like masses . Please help me you are my last hope I would rather not live then to live with hair like substances leeping from my face hair and body.Two more questions can I pass this to my child and is this really being labeled as morgallans? Thank you for lending your knowledge and expertise and for baring w me as I am so flustered with the magnitude of this epidemic.

Aug 10, 2014
So many 'different' things could be the same
by: Lynn L

Plauged for 8 years with mysterious ailments including blisters turned into MRSA on feet, crawling black dots, mouth parasites, black hairs on head (I'm blondish red), skin crawling, funky stretch mark looking things on my knees, back, yellow dots burning my skin, the stretch marks turning greenish or yellow, black dots and ringworm turning inot infectious bacteria flesh eating stuff-Lyme Disease. Angie-you are right ALL of the time except for one thing-a film over a body suggests a biofilm-biofilm is made up of bacteria, often candida and ther protozoa that can effectively hide from your immune system as well as dr's eyes causing distress to mind and body beyond imaginatio. Parasites like cat scratch fever cause strange stretch mark looking ines-fungus black dots, some 'white jumping bugs' are actually bacterial colonies called granulomas-all your cures are on the money and used together, changed up (like add/subtract an oil or garlic or salt,on 3 days/off 3) can result in so much better feeling people! I also read a tad about Herx effect here: but forgot what you said to lesson the effects of detoxing. Detoxing can cause sezuirsif you have bacteria, parasites, fungus combined. Also I added liquid Bentonite for candida-your parasite mix works wonders.+ essential oils great-don't give up people, this takes time-smile-thanks

Jul 29, 2012
Don't Give Up In Despair
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble and not getting relief. Are you located in the US? If so, why not try the Daily Essentials Pack - which includes the Herbal Fiberblend (for cleansing), the AIMega (natural anti-inflammatory), and the BarleyLife (nutritional support and pH balance).

Based on your comments, it sounds like you really nee all three, as well as some probiotics (like Florafood).

If you ARE in the US, you can order them here but if you live somewhere else, let me know where and I'll see if we can manage to get them to you.

I hate to hear of your isolation and despair. That's no way to live, and I'm hoping this will provide you some light at the end of the tunnel.


Jul 29, 2012
Bewildered and miserable condition
by: Anonymous

The black string like crawly was a manifestation of my immune system in response inflammation that this horrible unkillable,undesirable itchy. I actually sprayed my skin with insecticide!! Dont do this it did not work. Are they Whips? From pinworms or stronglitifed? Whatever I also thought I was toxic from wormwood which is part of Dr.Clarks cleanse.I isolate How can you be around people when you have streaming flowing hairs from your nostrils the corners of both eyes and coming out of my mouth once they have wrapped around my teeth? Fetid breath and body odor and this film? Is this bile oozing slime coming out of my pores. I feel so gross nasty and wonder am I dying from this?

Jul 13, 2012
Sharing Photos of Flea Like Insect
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Cloud,

If you don't mind your photos being live on the site so others can see them too (and possibly help identify them), you can use this form to upload up to 4 photos and tell what you know about them.

If you don't want them to be live on the site, you can email them to me at angie (at) allaboutparasites (dot) com.

I can't guarantee that I'll be able to identify your pest from the photos, but I can try.


Jul 12, 2012
by: cloud

Thank you very much for your reply, i have some pictures of insect, but how could i send this to you?

Jul 09, 2012
Getting Rid of Parasites or Flea Like Insect
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Cloud,

So sorry to hear you've been battling this flea like insect for so long (and your dear mother) without getting rid of it completely.

Since you're in China, I don't think you'll be able to get the Herbal Fiberblend that I suggested above, so let's consider some alternatives that you MAY be able to locate.

First, I would suggest that you don't keep using the Ivermectin, etc., since it isn't working. It's probably just making matters worse at this point by adding more toxins to your body.

You can take a look at the list of herbs in Herbal Fiberblend and then see what you can find locally. Although, let me suggest that you focus on these three:

  • Black Walnut Hull
  • Wormwood
  • Clove

These three in combination cover the various stages of over 100 different parasites.(According the research by Dr. Hulda Clark)

She also suggests that you take ornithine and arginine (amino acids) while you are using these herbs to help keep you from having detoxing symptoms and enable you to sleep better at night. (Ornithine at bedtime and arginine in the morning)

Okay, that's one option. Here's another...

Do you have any paw paw (paypaya) fruit in your area? If you can get your hands on papaya seeds, you and your mom could take a teaspoon of them per day for a couple of weeks to cleanse internally for parasites. (Smash them or chew them.)

Of course, those options are for internal cleansing - which IS important and necessary if you really want to get rid of this problem.

Now, here are a few suggestions for external treatment. If you can, soak in a bath with sea salt (or epsom salts). You can add some organic apple cider vinegar OR essential oils (neem, lavender, or clove).

You could also make up a mixture of coconut oil or olive oil and essential oil to rub on the skin where you are having the worst effects.

Do let me know if this helps and also if you have any further questions.

Sorry I can't specifically identify these bugs for you, but very difficult to do online and with no photos. This should cover a lot of different types so give it a try.

Jul 08, 2012
by: cloud

Thank you much for your reply. i am in China now, i traveled to Guatemala last year, infected with the local flea, the flea with me came back to Beijing,i have used pesticide many times, could not killed all of them. In the winter, flea became very smaller, became parasites, parasitic on skin, estimated parasitic in the hair follicle, i could not see the adult flea on my skin or in my home, only see very tiniest bit black spots or something like small eggs on my skin sometimes, erythema and urticaria appears on my body any place every day ,the day and night.Unfortunately, my mother 84 years old, was also infected, every night she were feeling itching, could not sleep well, only be confused for a few hours, more and more weakened, my heart extremely ashamed!

I have taken the ivermectin 2 times, this medicine is effective, but stop the medicine, the skin damaged like before.Ivermectin have big side effects, the doctor said I can't eat any more.i have used sulfur ointment, crotamiton, Stemona tincture, only a little or some inhibition, cannot kill insects.

The famous chinese writer Eileen Chang in her later years was the flea distress, her description and I suffered much alike.

Beijing is hot now, the insect is very active, it want become adult flea go out from my skin. when i washed my hair with vinegar, i have found a few very small flea in the vinegar, appear small leg and tentacles under the microscope. my skin appears red swelling and big urticaria, i have go to some hospitals, doctors can not help me, they never heard of this disease.I was in despair.Have you heard of this flea and disease? please help me, please tell me the herbaceous plants which could help me.

Jun 25, 2012
Flea Like Insect
by: Angie

Hi Cloud,

Do you still live in Guatemala, or were you just there on a visit. The reason I ask is because I'm trying to determine what resources you may have access to in your area.

Are you getting bitten all over or only in certain places? All day or just at night? Can you see the bugs or just feel them?

You can try some of the suggestions above regarding soaking in a bath with tea tree oil or clove oil, etc.

If you live in the US or one of the other countries where Herbal Fiberblend is available, I'd suggest you use it for an internal cleanse. I've found it works great in making the body an unfriendly environment for a wide range of internal and external parasites.

Jun 25, 2012
by: cloud

yes, i have infected this kind of flea in Guatemala.please tell me how to rid off this flea.

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