Fleas And Tiny Black Insects

by Johan

Tips for getting rid of fleas and tiny black insects that can stretch like thread.

To get rid of these insects, vacuum daily and often.

Use lint rollers on clothes beds and body if necessary. The roller sheets should either be flushed, burned or very tightly tied into bags. They can overcome even being dropped into containers of soapy water.

Use NEEM soap and oil (if available). Soap does a good job of getting rid of these pests. Neem soap can be purchased from Indian stores; approximately $0.99 per..

I also use salt along the edges of the rooms. Salt seems to dry the fleas and other carpet creatures.

Place Bay leaves in dresser draws; it helps keep insects out.

Hi Johan,

Thank you for sharing your tips for getting rid of fleas and tiny black insects that can stretch like thread.

There are always new and unusual pests being discussed here from various parts of the world. Although we aren't familiar with all of them, there may be someone else who comes along that is.

Others may be searching for information based on a similar description, so hopefully your tips and experience will help them out.

Indian Neem oil is a very good anti-parasitic, so I'm glad to hear that you are using this natural remedy and that you have found it to be so helpful.

To your good health!

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