Flu Precautions

by UK Visitor

Really like your article here, some sound up-to-date information on flu precautions!

I especially like the basic rules section, many people forget these and glad to see someone is reinforcing them.

I found quite an interesting online tutorial on washing hands at tork.co.uk. I reckon it could go along with this article.

Thanks for your nice comments about the article on basic swine flu precautions. It's true that we often overlook the importance of basic hygiene and how effective it can be in reducing our chances of catching the flu bug.

I took a look at the interactive hand washing tutorial at Tork. It was a little slow in loading, but was cleverly done.

What they brought out that I haven't already mentioned is that when you wash your hands with soap and water, that's only half the job done.

It's also a good practice to thoroughly dry your hands with an absorbent disposable towel so that you can throw them away and bacteria can be eliminated more efficiently.

I much prefer drying my hands on good quality paper towels when I'm in public restrooms. Some of the towels on offer are pretty useless, and the cloth ones feel like they are germ magnets. :)

Thanks for pointing us to the site that included that added little tidbit of information.

To your good health!

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