Flu Shot Ingredients

flu shot ingredients

The dangers of the flu shot ingredients far outweigh the possible benefits, in my opinion.

You, as a thinking individual, have to make up your own mind and take responsibility for your own actions and decisions, of course. 

Generally speaking, when an approved by the CDC flu shot comes out, there are three strains of flu virus included in each batch. Depending on the year, this trio will vary.

The actual ingredients in the flu shot include, not only these actual cultured flu viruses, but several other toxic ingredients as well. 

These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they can include ingredients like Thimerosal (mercury), Ethylene glycol, Phenol, Formaldehyde, Aluminum, and Antibiotics.

Of course, the bacteria that makes up the three strains chosen for a given year is cultivated in chicken eggs or even tissues and cells from pigs, monkeys, rabbits, chickens, or calves.

The CDC flu shot vaccine is highly recommended by many doctors and is promoted vigorously by media groups. On the other hand, there are many doctors, particularly in the natural health field, who suggest you think twice before subjecting yourself and your children to the toxic cocktail and possible long term adverse affects.

I've received a flu shot a couple of times in my life (a couple decades ago), and managed to get the flu as a result. :~) That is not uncommon since we are being injected with the a range of flu virus bacterias.

However, it's also possible that you can contract one of the many other viruses that are floating around and not included in the particular vaccine on offer in a particular year.

What do I do? I've come to the conclusion long ago that it is much wiser and safer to build up my immune system with nutritional health supplements to the best of my ability so that my own body can easily fight any flu bacteria it comes in contact with.

This has worked well, but I'm not always perfectly faithful to this regimen. For that reason, I also always keep on hand cleansing herbs (Herbal Fiberblend) that I can immediately take to help flush out any virus if I start to feel unwell or I am around someone who is sick. 

This isn't an exhaustive commentary on flu shot ingredients, of course. It's really just my personal opinion based on years of observation, experience, and basic research. 

Like me, you have to weigh up your options and determine what you will do regarding the annual flu shot drive. Whichever way you choose to go, I wish you good health!

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