Foot Detox Patch Astonishing Results

by Judy Widmar
(Warrior, AL USA)

I tried the foot detox patch with astonishing results.

I purchased the detox patches through Avon. They are the Avon Healthy Remedies. I read about them and thought, "why not"?

I tried the detox patches, and was totally amazed at the amount of "black" on the first patches I used. Common sense would tell you that if that came out of my body it HAD to be a GOOD thing to get rid of it.

I try to use the system at least once a month. I have asthma, and have seen a difference in my immune system since using the detox patches. I will definitely continue to use the detox patches.


Thanks so much for the foot detox patch review. I'm really pleased to know that you have been helped with your asthma by using the detox foot patches.

I wasn't able to locate the patches on the Avon site, but perhaps people can get them through their local Avon representative.

If you are looking for other things to help your asthma problems, you may want to give Herbal Fiberblend a try. I think that you'll find a good cleanse with that product will really bring you welcome relief.

Thanks again for your input.
To your good health!

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