Getting Morgellons Out Of Skin

by Nina

Here are some more ideas for getting Morgellons out of skin (just discovered yesterday).

  • apply dish soap to affected area...use LOTS
  • apply petroleum jelly over the dish soap (again, LOTS)
  • apply saran wrap over the dish soap and vaseline layers and stick to skin (this completely blocks all oxygen)
  • leave on for one hour then wipe/rinse off (the parasites come right out by the dozens)

When I did it I experienced was acute and lasted about 5-10 minutes...but it worked well.

If I discover anymore ideas, I'll send them along. I am symptomatic of the parasite sensations only, nevertheless, I suppose it is an all-encompassing syndrome.

Whatever it is, I can sympathize with Morgellons sufferers. I can't believe the CDC isn't recognizing's EVERYWHERE.

As a nursing student, I am so fascinated with pathology and microbiology...probably get my masters in microbiology instead of my mba.

Anyhow, this is so engaging and fascinating...always on top of things.

Thanks again for help and response! :)


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Aug 16, 2018
Skin care NEW
by: Managing M

Dial bar soap for shower do not do hot scorching and no bath soaking
Peroxide and Borax equal parts diluted in a pitcher container pour on after using bar soap rinse after 3 min
Dog cat horse shampoo diluted and added to another pitcher of same above for hair (cut hair short and shave at crown relieves alot of itching) or go bald completely
Eat parasite unfriendly diet
Eat 2 cloves raw garlic every other day
Cut sugar/carbs
Wash bedding and clothes hot water add borax to laundry soap
Soak feet in apple cyder vinegar 3 times weekly let air dry
Mop sweep dust vacuum on a regular schedule
Drink small amounts of fluids at a time
No stimulants coffee smoking drugs
Encase bed in plastic and sofas
Sort clutter minimalize the home
Dont scratch or pick
Get benadry and use if anxious or itchy
Keep a cleaning schedule
Use paper towels lots
It might be cured one day but try to live normally and dont use too many remedies these work and are inexpensive....pray and keep praying

Mar 17, 2018
I have a few tips that work for a quick fix but they do not completely heal.
by: Erika

Essential Oils:

I have experimented with many different essential oils and found that pretty much ANY of the ones I have applied to my skin have caused the fibers and specks etc to come rapidly out of the skin.
The ones that I can remember off the top of my head that seem to work pretty well are as follows:

Peppermint oil (This one causes a pretty rapid expulsion of morgellons from the skin.

Thieves oil works great.

Eucalyptus oil

Tea Tree oil

lavender oil

Lemongrass oil

Again, I have tried other oils and they all seem to do the trick temporarily.

Another tip is Dawn Dish soap (which others have mentioned as well). From what I gather, based on my nursing background as well as just having general morgie knowledge, it should be Dawn Dish soap specifically or another dish soap which has degreaser. The degreaser, in my opinion, is the key ingredient. The reason being that morgellons tends to use a biofilm to protect itself. The degreaser rids the skin of the oils in the biofilm, hence killing off the nasty crap known as morgellons.

Sun Laundry soap ( I have tried other brands without the same success). Im not sure if it is something to do with the riddance of oil as with the dish detergent, however it does seem to be a short fix. I use it in my bath.

peroxide or baking soda ( pretty much any type of alkaline substance). It seems this icky bug has an acidic base and it doesn't do well in a alkaline setting.

Antifungal creams such as Lotrisone (athletes foot cream) I have read that morgellons is a fungus. I do not know if that is the case but I do know that antifungal creams do work wonders.

And although neosporin is an antibacterial ointment, I have found it to work well also.

Good luck.

Jun 01, 2017
Getting parasites and eggs out of skin
by: Kay Lambert

Soaking in bath with a ton of Epsom Salts. Washing with lye soap sprinkled with tea tree oil. Putting tea tree oil on dry skin and rub.
3 percent hydrogen peroxide before bath sit with dry skin in tub pour on area let sit a couple minutes then rub in circles will feel eggs coming out.
BEST thing I have found made for face and neck but I use it all over my body once a week is Gel that is clear unscented and amazing. Put on a Medium/ thin layer leave for 3 minutes. Start to rub lightly. I do circle or concentrate on my face as that is where they are right now. Horrible. You will be surprised at the junk that comes out of your skin. White sharp things whole egg like things black dots pieces of string and also pieces of what looks like wiry hair. Also have pulled out of neck at lease 3 pieces of thin copper like wire. I became a Distributor for this, I will sell it at a discounted price to people on this site or Morgellons victims. I have suffered for almost 4 years. It's horrible. My email address Just write to me with subject line morgellons. Because this product sells so fast when I order it there is usually a wait list but I should have it in stock by 6/15. If you buy it on a regular site it is about double the price of what I can do for you. Let me know and I hope you have luck with my suggestions.
Thank you, Kay

Dec 10, 2013
Wine & Morgellons
by: NN

Get a red wine... the more tart the better.... and put all over skin... wait 10 minutes and then put petroleum over skin... you will see tons of things coming out of skin... for some reason red wine kills them... when I drank a glass of wine it seemed to kill some from inside also... rows of the black mitelike creatures came out in droves...dead.

Oct 20, 2012
Maybe morgellon's help....
by: Anonymous

Maybe something to try:

I have CFS/FM, so have the other symptoms associated with this. 9 yrs later, I had my first tick bite and contacted 4 tick borne diseases, incl Lyme. It went undiagnosed for 4 yrs due to lousy tests at the time. I write this because I read that Morgellons might be associated with Lyme.

Several years after Lyme treatment, I had extreme crawling sensations and itching on upper arms - not sure whether the sores came first or the scratching, but no one could diagnose. I did not know to look for fibers. After 2 docs and ointments for bacteria, virus and fungus - nothing worked and I then I was treated for scabies. Nada.

Finally, I wondered if it was the Candida I was fighting since all the antibiotics for Lyme (you can get Candida from other sources, such as too much sugars) - and a yeast infection can itch. Sounded like a long shot, but I was desperate.

So I crushed a bunch of Nystatin tablets (a fungal medicine often taken with antibiotics to combat Candida), checked the internet to see what made it soluable and found that DMSO would (later I learned that one body cream would, but not the others I tried). I added a tiny bit of DMSO from GNC(not sold in some states) and made a thick, gritty cream/paste and rubbed it in once or twice a day. It worked for the itch temporarily and solved it in less than a week. Then the sores healed.

The furious itching has returned several times over the last 2 yrs and each time, the homemade Nystatin paste worked. I do not know if a commercially made Nystatin would be as potent. I used probably 8-10 pills crushed each time - just enough for my upper arms.

Just in case this is fungal - this might work. I have no clue. But Nystatin is easily prescribed and relatively inexpensive.

I feel for you guys. It's rough not to be taken seriously (CFS certainly wasn't when I got it in the 80's and long term Lyme still is). Maybe 1 or 2 people could try this and see if it works.

Feb 24, 2012
Lots of garlic has helped me
by: Colleen

I have been eating one or two heads of garlic slightly cooked in olive oil everyday for 2 months now.(At first I ate 3-4 a day.) It took a little over a week to see a change, but the bouts of intense itching are becoming less and less in occurance and duration. The lesions are shrinking and in some places have disappeared. I also use a skin exfoliate followed by hydrocortizone which seems to help. Most of my joint pain is gone and I am regaining some energy and focus.It hasn't helped with the severe ear ringing or brain fog.

Oct 19, 2011
Visitor Recommendations
by: Angie

I understand your concern and skepticism regarding the suggestions above for getting Morgellons out of skin tissue.

Please note that all suggestions are not supported by us at We realize that so many people are suffering from conditions outside of our area of experience.

As a result, we allow our visitors to share their own experiences with each other as long as they follow basic guidelines for submission.

As stated in our disclaimer, each person who uses this site agrees to be responsible for their own decisions on what remedies they try and medical treatments they seek.

I'm sorry to hear that you, too, are suffering from these unusual symptoms. I hope that something you may find here will be of help to you, whether it is the suggestions for a natural Morgellons treatment or a visitor contribution.

Oct 19, 2011
Parasite emollient not research helpful- opinion
by: Anonymous

So how does one brainchild a dish soap, coated with petroleum jelly, coated with more soap and wrapped in Saran wrap for an hour, a proven parasite emollient? My understanding is that this is fibers and inorganic substances. I lean toward disbelief of dozens of parasites dislodging due to soap petroleum mix. I am not convinced of Morgellons, although won't deny pulling orange fibers (quite long and wound like twine) and/or single strand or clumps of single strand blue and black fibers from a wound. My encounter was discovered when I thought a piece of glass was in my skin from a glass I had just broken. The glass was removed, but was under a layer of said fibers. No crawling sensation or "meth bugs" . I have been clean for 10 years. I also won't deny presence of inorganic crystals and "worm-like" objects in my body below the skin. I would not object to more research to credit or discredit validity of disease. I am uneasy and perplexed at my own findings.

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