Green Spots On Feet

by Dave

Question about green spots on feet...

I came back from the beach yesterday and after a few hours noticed the sole of my foot was very itchy.

It looks like a rash but also there are a few green spots.

What could this be?

Hi Dave,

Good question! This itchy rash and green spots on your feet could be from a number of different things.

Since you were at the beach just before you noticed the problem, you could have stepped on something that caused the reaction - a toxin in a shell is always a possibility.

Another possibility is a fungal infection if you you happened to use the beach showers or other high trafficked area where people are running around in bare feet.

You could have been bitten by some type of bug - sand fleas, etc., but I would expect those to be on your ankles and lower legs rather than the sole of your foot, to be honest.

Have you got any tea tree or eucalyptus oil? Try applying it to the affected area a couple of times per day. That might be enough to do the trick to get rid of it.

If you find that it continues to get worse, you might want to pop into the hospital to have it looked at, just to be on the safe side. Actually looking at it, they may be able to positively identify it for you and then you can much more easily consider your best options for treatment.

If you do get a positive ID, let us know so that if anyone else comes looking for info on green spots on feet, your experience may help.

To your good health!

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