Grub Like Worm In Feces

by Brad

My brother has had stomach pain for a while now and went to the doctor for it the other day. They did some tests and told him to come back with a sample of his feces so they could run more tests.

When he was getting a sample he found more than one grub like worms in his feces. I have no clue what these are or how to get rid of them.

When the doctors received the stool sample they said they did not see anything and he did the process again and gave them another sample and they still said they did not find anything!

What should he do about this?

Hi Brad,

It sounds like your brother has intestinal parasites. They really aren't terribly uncommon, so there is no reason for him to panic, but they DO need to be dealt with or they just get worse.

Unfortunately, stool samples can be unreliable for testing. It often takes several tests before a sample arrives with the parasites in the particular sample.

If your brother would like to try to rid himself of these parasites on his own with natural remedies, the best option, in my opinion, is Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood.

The Herbal Fiberblend has 17 different herbs. The herbs are anti-parasitic and anti-fungal and they also work to remove old feces from the entire colon and detoxify the body.

The Florafood is a combination of probiotics that help to replenish the good bacteria in your digestive tract so that they can fight off parasites and boost your immune system.

Tell your brother to take the Florafood with food at least 1 hour away from taking the Fiberblend, which he should take twice per day.

If I were him, I'd take the HFB for 3 months to be sure to get a good clean out, and the Florafood for at least a month.

If money isn't a huge issue, I'd also recommend that your brother get some Composure. Composure is another herbal combo in capsule form. It helps relax the body (including the digestive tract) and should help to ease his stomach pain quicker while he is cleansing. He can take the Composure at the same time as the HFB.

I hope that your brother gets himself cleaned out and feeling better soon.

To your good health!

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