Head Itches Constantly

by T

What is going on here? My head itches constantly (24 hrs), sometimes a biting, digging sharp pain. It feels as though something is moving on my head, neck, and upper body, especially at bedtime.

I have never seen lice or nits in my hair. Sometimes very small, white (not puss or acne-like) almost dandruff-like substance noticed on my skin.

This started happening within 24 hrs after staying at a hotel for 3 days. It has been 3 years. The doctor (MD) sees nothing.

I am tired of itching and scratching, and staying awake most of the night.

Hi T,

I feel for you if your head itches constantly and it's been more than 3 years. That's a real cause of frustration!

You may have picked up a parasite while staying in the hotel. Hotels are breeding grounds, unfortunately for that sort of thing. The timing could be a coincidence, but it's not a bad guess.

The biting feeling under the skin and itching are common symptoms of a parasite infection. The feeling could be on your head or just about anywhere else on your skin, too.

You ought to consider a good internal cleanse since you've had this condition for so long. If it is a parasite, you probably have a fairly good infection since it's had plenty of time to develop in your body.

Go for a good quality internal intestinal cleanse and also use some good quality probiotics to build up your own body's friendly bacteria to help get you back in balance. Personally, I like Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood for that purpose.

Also, pick up a bottle of raw organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg's) and use it as a rinse for your hair every day. You can probably find Bragg's at your local grocery store or a health food store. If not, you can order it online at Puritan's Pride.

Those are the main steps I would take to try to get relief, along with some possible dietary changes - reduce sugar intake dramatically and boost nutritional support (whole food supplement powders work wonders).

I'd like to hear back from you after you've tried some of these natural remedies for a few weeks to see if you've made some progress.

To your good health!

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