Help With Skin Parasites

by Wanda
(Bronx, NY )

I need help with skin parasites - please!

For the past 3 weeks, I have been experiencing itching, some redness and I also feel like whatever it is, is crawling under my skin.

It started with bite sensations on different parts of my legs. Then it moved to my stomach. On my stomach, I saw redness, tiny bumps (not too many) itching and like a burning sensation. Then it disappeared and started on my back.

I feel it all day but it is worse at night. Now it is still on my back but I feel crawling and itch on my head, and that is really freaking me out.

I am currently taking Paracleanse. I have one more day left of the treatment but I still feel the crawling on my head and my back. I also feel like tiny movements on different parts of my body.. I really need help.

Two nights ago, I woke up at about 2am because of all the crawling on my head and shoulders and itching.. when I saw myself in the mirror, I had a lot of the creases you would have from the sheets but I saw that around my neck I saw like a worm shape on my skin, and I swear that it had a tail kind of curled up..

It really freaked me out and I almost had a nervous breakdown.. Please help me. I'm considering going to the ER tonight.


Dear Wanda,

By all means go to the ER if you feel you can't tolerate it any more, but DO be prepared that you may very well be treated like a drug addict or crazy person. :(

I don't want to discourage you from seeking medical help with skin parasites in any way, but unfortunately most of the people who write in have told us of nasty experiences when seeking conventional help for "bugs crawling on them" and the like.

You may be fortunate and end up seeing a knowledgeable doctor who can genuinely help with skin parasites, but I just don't want you to end up feeling more discouraged if you don't.

I haven't used Para Cleanse myself, as I generally use Herbal Fiberblend for best results. Having said that, it does seem like a fairly good quality product and should be giving you some relief (though I think 10 days is too little time to really get a decent cleanse).

I'm one who always suggests an internal cleanse and immune boosting supplements, but you also
need to rule out external biting parasites - like bedbugs, mites, fleas, etc.

You said this started about 3 weeks ago. Was there anything unusual in your schedule just prior to that time - like a trip to the beach, an overnight stay at a hotel, a visit to a new location that you hadn't been before?

You may have picked up an infestation and brought it home with you. ;) Not pleasant, but needs to be considered.

There are also times when something you eat, or a new product you use on your skin can create a strong allergic reaction that can develop a rash and feel just like creepy-crawlie parasites.

Even taking new medication or antibiotics can cause your body to have this type of result.

I tend to think that may NOT be your problem because you mentioned actually "seeing" something on your neck. However, you can understand the difficulty in trying to determine the underlying cause and give you the best suggestions. :)

First I would suggest that you soak in a bath with sea salt. This should help to soothe your skin a bit and help with the itching. Epsom salts will work also if you happen to have them on hand.

Check your surroundings thoroughly (mattress seams, etc) to see if you can spot any fleas, bedbugs, or any other tiny critter that may be biting you in the night (since that is when you feel the problem the most).

You can get a spray bottle and make up a mixture of clove oil and water or organic apple cider vinegar and water or even cedar oil and water and squirt that around your bedding and furniture where you sit.

Personally I would continue cleansing internally, preferably with the Herbal Fiberblend I mentioned earlier, and also boost the immune system with some probiotics and nutritional supplements. My favorites are...

Bear Paw Garlic

Finally, you can rub into your itching skin a mixture of either olive or coconut oil combined with one or more of these essential oils - clove, lavender, tea tree, peppermint, oregano.

I hope one or more of these suggestions to help with skin parsasites will begin to bring you relief very quickly. Unfortunately, you can usually expect them to take several days or even weeks to get rid of the problem completely.

Try not to be too discouraged, and do keep me posted on your progress. I'll be thinking of you and praying for your swift recovery.

Angie from

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