Herbal Fiberblend Relieved My Motion Sickness!

by Elaine
(Queanbeyan, NSW)

I would like to share with you how excited I am about an unexpected blessing I have received with the taking of Herbal Fiberblend!

I have been a sufferer of chronic car sickness (motion sickness in or on anything that moves!) all my life of 56 years. Absolutely nothing has ever helped. I never wanted to go anywhere , and if I did, I always suffered horribly.

After taking Herbal Fiberblend for only a short time (approximately 1 month), I was holidaying with relatives and traveling a lot. I suddenly realised I did not get sick at all! I have traveled as a passenger in many different vehicles since and have not had a hint of sickness - Glory to God and thanks to Herbal Fiberblend!!!

And, be assured, absolutely nothing else has changed in my diet or my life except getting onto this wonderful product.

Of course, it has done the other wonderful things it does like fixing constipation and so much added energy and general well-being!!

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