by Marilyn King
(Newark, DE)

Hives that appear on 6 yr old grandson's skin, especially on back after a visit to China.

My six year old grandson and his Mom visited China a month ago to see her parents. My grandson developed hives that come and go just before returning to the States.

He continues to experience this problem whenever he goes to the restroom and when we bathe him he really breaks out and itches/hives follow a scratch line or cover a palm size area = back, butt, shoulder blades, under arms.

We started to avoid soap of any kind but even a wet washcloth seems to spread it. It is baffling.

Could this be an allergy or parasite?

It responds immediately (within 5 to ten minutes) to calamine lotion/caladryl. We know that we cannot use this remedy forever but are at a loss as to what this is. Is he in any danger?

Thank you for your help.

Mrs. Philip King -

Dear Marilyn,

These hives definitely ARE baffling. My first thought was, of course, an allergic reaction. It's very strange, though, that even plain water brings it on.

I can't tell you for sure that it isn't dangerous since I don't know what the underlying cause is. I really don't know if it would do much good to see
a doctor, but it may be worthwhile.

Since your grandson contracted this condition while he was in China, I think there's a pretty good chance that he was exposed to something there that has brought this on and it is still in his system.

I think I'd probably try a natural cleansing program like Herbal Fiberblend to try to help his body eliminate whatever toxin or parasite that's triggering the itching and hives.

I'd also make sure he gets some good quality probiotics in his system to help boost his fighting good bacteria levels. If he can swallow capsules, Florafood is good. If not, you can still use them, but open the capsule and mix it in a spoon of something he is eating immediately.

There are other nutritional supplements you can consider if he doesn't eat a lot of raw vegetables for nutritional support.

You may also want to try using some organic apple cider vinegar in his bath water.

Raw honey from your local area may also be helpful as it contains natural antihistamines that can help reduce any allergic reaction.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I wish I could give you more specific answers. Please let us know he progresses in getting rid of these hives.

Kindest regards,

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