How big is the louse "bug?"

by Itching All Over

Lice Eggs In Hair

Lice Eggs In Hair

How big is the louse "bug?"

Can you spot someone having lice from afar? How close would you have to be?

Someone said they saw a bug in my hair a day earlier and suggested I have my hair "checked." I am not experiencing anything nor have I seen anything.

I do know what to look for. I always thought they were rather microscopic.

If I saw a bug on someone's hair I would tell them or swat it out. But no, I am told a day later and asked if I wanted to have my head checked.

I am female, in my 40's, no children in the house, have not been camping, and have not borrowed a brush or been in close contact with anyone.

I do have a small dog who does not have fleas. Of course, I am having anxiety since this was suggested, and my whole body is now itchy.

I know exactly what you mean about suddenly itching all over at the thought that you might have head lice. Even the suggestion of lice makes my head itch. :)

First let me say that even if you DID have lice, it's not the end of the world or even terribly difficult to get rid of if you go about it the right way.

Having said that, it doesn't really sound like you do have lice at all. How big is the louse bug? It is pretty tiny, but it isn't microscopic. You can see it with the naked eye, but it's not likely someone actually saw one on your hair from any distance.

Generally what you CAN see more easily on hair is the eggs that are laid in the hair, and that's really only on people with dark hair and who have quite a lot of lice eggs.

Perhaps this person did see something in your hair, but it may have been just a stray little bug that landed there briefly on his way to more exciting venues.

If you are terribly concerned, just coat your head and hair thoroughly with some olive oil and wrap it in a towel before going to bed. Comb it out in the morning before showering.

If you do this every 4 days for a couple of weeks, you'll easily get rid of any possible head lice. If you don't have lice after all, it will still be a nice moisturizing treatment for your hair. :)

To your good health!

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