How long does it take to detox with vinegar?


How long does it take to detox with vinegar?

Hi D.J.,

There really isn't a specific time frame I can offer you about how long it takes to detox with vinegar.

The amount of detox time will vary from person to person, depending on each person's level of health.

Some people have more toxins built up in their body because of their lifestyle and eating habits.

There are also different ways of detoxing with vinegar...

  1. Some people choose a major detox where they fast for a couple of days drinking only apple cider vinegar diluted with pure water.

    They then gradually add in some fruits and then steamed veggies and then lean chicken or fish after several days of cleansing.

  2. I prefer a more gentle and long term vinegar detox. You can gradually detoxify your body by adding a tablespoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water once or twice per day.

    If you have difficulty drinking the vinegar water, you can add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture to make it a little tastier.

    This is the type of natural detox that you can use every day for years to come. Raw apple cider vinegar has many health benefits besides detoxification. You're health will be the better for developing this habit.

To your good health!

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