How Many Of You Have This Problem?

by TD

How many of you have this problem???

You know the little "dust-bunnies" or dog hair balls on your floor? Have you ever noticed them move? Have you noticed the clear creatures inside of them?

I've watched one move from the middle of my garbage can to the top rim (they move very slowly, but they do move). Or the long hairs that stick out of them and attach themselves to you as you walk by?

How about the tape or paint strip you pick up and it just doesn't want to come off your fingers??? The hair that is stuck in the bottom of your foot, on the palm of your hand that when you go to pull it off, it's worked itself into your skin.

Now, I have had the unfortunate experience of going to some doctors who have went as far as lying on my visit record, my permanent record, and they are saying I'm delusional. Better yet, they lie in my permanent visit record & make it sound like I am a druggie off the street with a drug habit because according to them, "if I stop scratching I'll heal up."

If you don't have one, get yourself a mini hand-held microscope!!! You can find them on e-bay at a great price. Oh, the doctors I have filed a complaint against said "there was nothing there."

Well, maybe next time they should use the right equipment to view minuscule "creatures" NOT A MAGNIFYING GLASS!!!! IDIOTs!@!@ Even I know you have to use a microscope to see microscopical things--and I'm not even a doctor (hopefully they wont be for long, either).

Take a look at these little pieces of food that has the bugs inside, or attached to them.

I know we are not the only people that have the bad luck in experiencing this. And, we are just as sane as we always have been. We have both kept jobs all our lives, never been diagnosed with any type of mental problems--we are sane!!!

You think the Morgellons is scary, lets see how many of you out there suffer from these scary monsters along with the Morgellons symptoms.

Just wait until you find out you have this problem on top of Morgellons. Is it all linked together???? Who can answer that one? Who WILL answer that one?

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Feb 16, 2021
by: Matt toannon


Dec 28, 2016
Me too! NEW
by: shelly

I have been dealing with whatever this is since 2006. I became pregnant and caught... this... what I'm not sure but it started on my stomach and originally appeared as small pimple like bumps. Upon going to the dermatologist over and over, I've been told it's foliculitis... it's not!!!!! I have tried every remedy I could find! Bath soaks,creams,lotions,special body wash, antibiotics,oral supplements changing my diet, cutting out gluten, bleach baths, vinegar, tea tree oil etc. Etc...
I am at wits end! I itch all over, I have spots in my hair, and red inflamed little bumps all over my body!I also do not use a pillow anymore because my neck kills me if I do. I itch all night and during the day. I don't know what else to do. Please anyone that can help email me!
Thank you! Good luck everyone!

Oct 15, 2016
How to detect Morgellons NEW
by: Itchy scalp skin once nice

Yes in the bathroom they get into the hair follicle and they get into strings thread on clothing you will see your hair move if it's pulled out of the head. Dipped into water it REALLY will move if you opick the hair up. These are parasites that burrow into your skin especially scalp. They take on different forms hair on the floor take avid look and it isn't your hair or the dogs hair! Morgellons they get into your body and they will stay inyour hair and eventually this 5 stage infectious disease will kill a person. Pimples that aren't pimples, itching white larvae that mimics sebum but just won't come out unless you pull and it has a leg on it ugh. It infests the home especially fabrics rugs and yes you! Check out the sites for Morgellons cure. Diet and boosting the immune system is crucial and cleaning your environment. This is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with yet I must stay rationAl, not talk about it, and simply work on getting rid of it. People will think you are nuts if you try to tell them about it. Doctors are uneducated in dealing with this so look on the sites for a cure there are three parts to it!

Feb 04, 2011
I have it too..................
by: eats me

Over 1.5 yrs. I have had it on head, feet , other parts.

Pretty much the same symptoms as everyone else. Good luck all....

Jan 15, 2011
Hair / to the person who wrote in asking if any one else is infected.
by: Anonymous

Yes I have had these hair symtoms.I live in new hartford new york and I myself have seen many types of doctors that call it nothing. I have learn to live with it and do look at this site for a cure, maybe one day there will be one. The hair like things surround themselfs around my toes, and other body parts.

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