How To Change The pH of Your House Water

by Anthony
(Califoria, USA)

I'd like to know how to change the pH of your house water. Specifically, how can I change the pH of the water in my household water storage tanks?

Hi Anthony,

That's a good question. I had to do a bit of checking around to find some answers on this subject. :-)

First of all, water pH should really be neutral around 7.0, but it rarely is. We're lucky to find groundwater between 6.5 to 8.5. There are so many different things that affect the quality of water.

Some people have hard water (over 8.5) and some people have soft water (under 6.5). Water that has been treated with chemicals tends to be more acidic as a result.

In order to correct the pH of water, a neutralizer needs to be used. A neutralizer can be something as simple as baking soda or lemon juice.

Some people use soda ash as a neutralizer, but soda ash WILL make the sodium content of your water much higher, so that is something to consider.

To be honest with you Anthony, I'm not 100% sure WHAT the solution would be for you to actually change the water pH in your storage tanks.

In the same position, I think I'd just get a good quality house water filtration system and handle it that way. That's what I did for my parents when they began to be concerned about the water table with their well water.

A lot of industry had developed around their property and they were worried that the quality of their water had been affected.

I did some research and chose the filtration system from Aquasana. Aquasana's received numerous consumer awards and their prices were very reasonable. They seemed to be the best option to give my parents peace of mind. Take a look and see if Aquasana has something that would work for you.

If you find out more info. on how to change the pH of your house water other than what I've already mentioned, please let us know. I'm sure you aren't the only one who will come along with this question. You may be able to help others.

To your good health!

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