How To Get Rid Of A Hookworm

by Cheryl

Can you tell me how to get rid of a hookworm in the foot>

My son, while at a friends house, played through some mud puddles. A couple of days later he has a red, worm shaped place on his foot that itches bad.

My grandmother used to tell us to put fingernail polish on it to "smother" the worm. This seems to eventually work but it take a long time.

Does anyone know any more home remedies or over the counter products to rid him of this possible hookworm?

Hi Cheryl,

When talking about how to get rid of a hookworm, I always try to recommend a natural remedy because you usually don't have nasty side effects to deal with.

I'm not sure how effective the fingernail polish remedy is, but even if it helps with an itchy foot, I don't think it is likely to rid the entire system of a hookworm infestation.

Hookworm gets into the body usually through the foot, but it doesn't stay there. This particular parasite heads for the intestines and can wreak all kind of havoc if left to thrive.

I'd suggest giving your son some good quality probiotics, like Florafood to boost his immune system, and some Herbal Fiberblend to give his intestines a gentle cleanse.

Garlic is also a good natural remedy for Hookworm and other parasites. You can try that first and see if it does the job if money is tight. If you can't get your son to eat raw garlic, try using Bear Paw Garlic capsules. They are pretty much odorless.

Hope this helps some.

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