How To Prevent Sand Flea Bites

by Steve

Anyone know how to prevent sand flea bites?


Please, I need an answer as soon as possible. I will be taking a weekend trip to the Florida beaches starting 9-9-11.

I am searching for any truly effective methods of repelling sand fleas. From a little bit of thinking about it and research, I have three thoughts:

1.) ...bug repellant, but if you walk in the water and come out, it probably is washed off (I am assuming that if you are walking in the ocean, you probably are safe from getting bit).

2.) ...odorless garlic capsules that might make me a less than tasty treat

3.) ...perhaps coating the tops of my feet and ankles with vaseline to create a barrier of sorts - it would be waterproof and I would not think that the fleas could get through that.

I have towels to lay on, but I suppose it might be safer to sit in a beach chair instead, correct?

Any comments? Many thanks!

Hi Steve,

Great question. You are very smart to be thinking of how to prevent sand flea bites rather than waiting and trying to treat the bites after the fact.

You've already come up with some good solutions for yourself. I think eating garlic or taking garlic capsules is a good notion and does work for some people, but it may not be effective for you. Hard to say in advance. However, garlic is very beneficial for your body's immune system anyway, so definitely give it a try.

Instead of Vaseline, I would suggest you get some Skin So Soft from Avon. Better yet, if you can grab Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Insect Repellent Moisturizing Lotion you should be all set.

I've used Skin So Soft for years to repel mosquitoes, and although I haven't had to deal with sand fleas much, I've read a ton of reviews from people who swear by it for keeping the sand fleas away.

I would take the Skin So Soft to the beach with you, just in case you do need to re-apply a bit of the lotion after a swim, just in case.

I have to agree that a chair sounds like a safer option to me, but as long as you cover yourself completely in the lotion, it shouldn't matter if you use a towel or chair.

Have a great holiday, and definitely make a note to yourself to report back afterward on how you fared.

Anyone else have any suggestions for Steve on how to prevent sand flea bites? Please add your suggestions below.

Have fun!

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Sep 06, 2018
Fly and Flea are not synonymous NEW
by: Laura

Sand FLEAS are crustaceans that you must dig out of the sand. They typically live in the area where the waves gently roll onto the shore. They make excellent live bait for fishing.

Sand FLIES are 1/3 the size of a mosquito and some species are vectors for leishmaniasis, a parasitic, lesion causing disease.

And, to cover all of my bases "sea lice" or Seabather’s Eruption or pica pica is "an itching dermatitis[1] caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to the immature nematocysts of larval-stage thimble jellyfish (Linuche unguiculata), sea anemones (Edwardsiella lineata) and other larval cnidarians.[2] The term "sea lice" is also sometimes used to describe seabather's eruption, although it is not in fact caused by the sea louse, a parasite that affects only fish.[3][4]" Source: Wikipedia

So, the only thing one needs to be concerned about preventing the bite of are SAND FLIES. 30% or higher DEET is most effective, and avoiding the beach at dusk and dawn is also a practical method of avoiding their bite.

Sep 08, 2011
Preventing Sand Flea Bites
by: Angie

Hi Steve,

I have to agree that it will be difficult to get your hands on the Skin So Soft on such short notice unless you happen to already know a local Avon representative.

If you had the time you could probably do an online search for local rep and see if they happened to have some in stock (most do), and run around and grab it the same day.

Time's up for this trip, but I thought I'd mention it in case someone else finds themselves in the same situation on a tight schedule.

Looking forward to hear if your plan works. Have a great trip!


Sep 08, 2011
Preventing Sand Flea bites
by: Steve


Thanks for the great comments. The day before my trip, it is difficult to find the AVON bug repellant, but I know for next time. Being the first time in 25 years to a beach, I just started finding out about these nasty blood suckers, but think that I have a workable solution. I have an effective DEET-free bug repellant which I will first apply to feet, ankles, and lower legs, then just use a light coating of vaseline to make it waterproof. Coupled with wearing sandals unless walking in the ocean, it should be pretty effective. Forget the laying out. With all the Florida storms these days, it's no big loss. Some people might scoff at that approach, but once I'm on the beach, I should be worry free and won't even think about it. I just want to bring back memories, not bug bites and if a little bit of repellant and vaseline helps achieve that, then, awesome!

Take care...

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