I Am Not Crazy

by Jupiter
(Bronx NY)

Well, I thought perhaps because I was using drugs that the specks were part of the hallucination. Then I got clean and guess what I still have the little things chillin out under my skin.

Went to the doctor emergency cause I swear they were eating my skin and now mind you I have freckles so thought maybe the things were just really dark freckles.

Well I'm a picker so I picked and now have holes all over me so I tried to chill and let them heal and they look like black specks dead in my scab. Still the hole is there tho.

Now I have pink scars where the picking went on and the things are still there. I stabbed myself with a needle where I thought they were hibernating in my skin and rivers of blood flowed like if I stabbed myself with a machete.

If you try to pull em out you gotta be quick and ambidextrous and strong cause they snap back. It's almost like you break one of their legs but their bodies are still there. But they still get away just to poke their little shiny heads back out of another pore.

They are black specks but appear shiny once they are messed with. The latest is I'm a nut. No one else sees them and I am now suffering alone.

They don't hurt so much as sting and are evolving to little pimple like things. What I've been doing is filling up caps of alcohol and holding it to the skin where I picked.

Talk about burning, whoa! But it worked for a hot minute. I actually killed a couple of them, but seems as if I just make them mad most of the time.

I'm going to buy the herbal supplements today and start my cleansing immediately. Hopefully it will work.

Hi Jupiter,

Sorry to hear your story. Sure hope that the herbal supplements work for you. Try to remember to come back and let us know how you are doing. We are always glad to hear good news and progress updates.

To your good health!

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