I Am Scared I Have Morgellons

by Phyllis
(Virginia Beach, Va)

I am scared I have Morgellons, but can't bring myself to tell anyone...

It started almost a year ago with lesions/sores around my cheeks and chin. I thought it was just bad acne (although I'm 31 and never suffered from acne).

I used topical treatments and kept them covered over night. The good news is, they started disappearing, the bad news is, they did leave some scarring.

It seemed like the acne just disappeared for a while. Until it was time to plan for my wedding. I gradually over 5-6 months, dropped 12 pounds!

I assumed it was stress, as I was constantly on the go with a full time job as well.

Then one night a small boil or abscess appeared on the left side of my jaw and grew over night. It was painful and had hard granules underneath the skin with tunneling to other sores.

The dermatologist said it was an infected abscess and put me on ABT. It cleared up a little but began to sprout other lesions.

All of a sudden, solid particles that looked like straw, grass, cotton and black specs were coming out of the bottom of my feet!

The lesions on my face stay localized to my cheeks and chin. I can see the strands under skin that connect them. They have pronounced edges that are hard and raised. White stringy stuff comes out when I push on them and
at times black flecks.

It feels like granular fatty lumps and then they open. Now I have same symptoms in edges of nail beds.

I'm afraid to tell anyone because they will think I'm crazy! I have no idea what to do or how this could have happened. I find myself being forgetful and my vision has gotten worse!

Miserable and scared! Any suggestions?....

Dear Phyllis,

I don't know if you have Morgellons or not, but I certainly understand your concerns and fears.

Stress and a weak immune system are big contributors to infection, inflammation, and just about every health concern.

You asked for suggestions. I would most definitely suggest the basic Morgellons treatment for your situation, whether you have Morgellons or not. That protocol is very effective in helping to detoxify the body and boost the immune system.

Something else I learned recently that may help is to get some coriander oil and apply that to the external sores and lesions. Recent reports indicate that coriander is very effective against a number of resistant bacteria.

Some of the other visitors who have suffered with Morgellons have found that using colloidal silver is also effective.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you, and of course we'd like to congratulate you on your wedding (not sure if it has passed yet or not) and wish you all the best.

To your good health!

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May 31, 2015
Magnetic Therapy NEW
by: Teebo


Static Magnets, when used correctly can be very effective.

Pulsed Magnetism is even better.


Remember, Morgellons is both Biological and a Synthetic Man Made Disease, Titanium Dioxide Nano Particles etc.

Oct 27, 2012
portsmouth neighbor NEW
by: Tammy

Hi Phyllis. Just read your posting. I to think I have Morgellons. I live in Portsmouth. Until reading your post, I felt I was the lone ranger. I hadn't met anyone else anywhere that was experiencing what I am. I've read many stories online, but never came across anyone that lived where I do. Based on my own trial and error I believe morgellons is a type of fungal infection. Where my problems mostly occur are in the seborrheic areas. Seborrheic problems comes from a form of yeast. So many things can conribute to fungal problems and make them difficult to get rid of completely. I've found taking oil of oregano is very helpful as well as garlic. Braggs apple cider vinegar will help as well. Much luck to you!

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