I can't see them but I can sure Feel them getting me!

by Michelle Cruz
(Austin, Texas, USA)

My husband and I live in Austin, Texas, and just recently moved into a new apartment.

We spent two weeks prior to moving all our furniture in to deep clean the apartment. We never had any bug problem at all.

Then about a month ago (after living in the apartment 5 weeks) we began to wake up from sleeping in the morning with bites. They would be large and small and they were mostly on me. (My husband rarely even gets bitten by mosquitoes).

They itch terribly. I never get bitten anywhere else... We have inspected the entire house and the bedroom and bed thoroughly. Not one sign of bed bugs or any bug for that matter.

I honestly believe that it's something my own eyes can't see.

Last night we got out our steamer and steamed the mattress and put the pillows in the dryer for 40 min. on high, and put the comforter we use in double plastic bags.

We slept on our air mattress in the other room.
No new bites, so I believe its localized.

Any idea as to what this is and how to treat it?

My next thing to try is to get some Kleen Green. I've heard that helps kill certain bugs. We really need help. It's driving us both insane and I can't stop the itch no matter what I do.

Also I know it's not scabies. There is no trail nor typical scabies markings. We do not have fleas. No pets are ever in our house

Hi Michelle,

It does sound like bedbugs, doesn't it. Sometimes they really can be difficult to see and horribly challenging to get rid of.

Can you afford a new bed and mattress? As a last resort, that may be your easiest option and quickest relief.

Have you been bold enough to speak to any of the other residents in the apartment building to see if they have experienced this problem in the past?

Unfortunately, even a good clean doesn't always do the job of getting rid of some parasites.

The good news is that you found relief by sleeping elsewhere in the apartment. The fact that it seems to be localized gives you a better shot of targeting the problem.

I wish you luck in getting rid of these nasty biters. Sorry I couldn't be more help.


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