I Have Bugs On Me!

by WW

It's not my imagination! I have bugs on me.

They are tiny and black. They seem to move in packs, I think. They are primarily in wrinkles of my skin, between toes, feels like they are in my ears too.

I used medicated shampoo to shower and I see the dead ones in the tub afterward. I really need help. Will lice products work?

They don't itch much but the bites hurt. It seems to be worse at night.


I wouldn't use lice products on your body for this problem of bugs on you. You will probably only end up making matters worse.

You need to cleanse your insides with good anti-parasitic herbs and take some probiotics to build up your immune system. I would suggest Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood.

To treat your skin from the outside, try putting some tea tree oil or organic apple cider vinegar in your bath. You could also apply either the tea tree oil or raw apple cider vinegar directly to your skin if you prefer.

If you use the tea tree oil, test a small area of your skin first to be sure you don't have an allergic reaction (severe itching, usually) to it. Most people are fine, but some people find their skin is very sensitive to the tea tree.

Try cutting out the sugars in your diet for a couple of weeks, too.

Give those suggestions a try and let me know if you still feel like you have bugs on you. I hope you'll be feeling great again soon.

To your good health!

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Sep 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

Those are mites. They often go for the webbing on the fingers and toes. Also behind the knees and elbows. Your doctor should recognize the description right away. Sometimes you can see trails from these little guys as well, they only go just beneath the skin.

Jan 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

I believe soaking in apple cider vinegar WORKS to reduce numbers but it's a slow process. You must be consistant with it. Try Kleen Green Enzyme Cleaner, put some in a spray bottle and mist your home, car (don't forget the trunk). Vaccume
your car as often as you can (I'd go to the nearest gas station to do it) and do not forget your trunk. Also vaccume your home as well. Take the Kleen Green to work in a spray bottle and mist around if you can (especially if you sit at a desk). It does not have an offensive odor. Wash clothes using either Borax OR ammonia with your laundry soap. Someone told me you can use cold water if you use ammonia. This will help to save your clothes because you will end up shrinking everything with hot wash and the dryer. I purchased a clothing steamer. I use it for my clothes, shoes and on my pillow if for some reason I ran of a clean pillow cases that night. Buy some tea tree oil lotion and put some pure tea tree oil in it as well. Put it on your body. Mix tea tree oil with some olive or cocount oil, place on Q-tip and put it in and behind your ears. Get your immune system up (this is very important). Please keep in touch on this site and let us know how you are doing. Do not give up hope!

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