I have something under my skin!

by Ashlyn

I have something under my skin! Its in the...pubic area. Yuck. Its completely under, just a little bump and it just looks like skin. You can't see through the skin to the bug.

I cant really look at it easily... I have to take a picture and look at it that way. I don't really want to tell my mom but I NEED to see a doctor because it really freaks me out.

I hate, hate, HATE parasites. So more details...

I think it bled, like it tried to get out but decided not to? Sorry I'm being so confusing... but please help me! What should I do? I don't want surgery, especially where the bug IS!

Hi Ashlyn,

I don't think you'll have to resort to surgery just yet, so don't panic. :)

This little bump that looks like skin - Does it itch? Is it sore? What makes you think it is a bug?

There are parasites you can get in the pubic area, of course, both internally and externally. If it were pubic lice or body lice, you would have more than one little bump, most likely.

It could be a wart, too. That's something else to consider. If it were a wart, it would bleed if you scratched it open. Is that a possibility?

This is a bit more personal - as much as I know you hate that - but have you had sexual intercourse? The reason I ask that is just to let you know that you can (and MANY people DO) get infections that cause sores in their private areas from sexual activity. Yes, even from so-called "safe sex."

If you want to try some natural remedies that may take care of the problem, you could swab a little organic apple cider vinegar on it a few times per day. Be sure to get the cloudy kind (not distilled) because that's the one that has
the best health benefits to it.

Another option is to use a little organic oregano oil, Indian neem oil, or tea tree oil a couple of times per day. These oils are anti-fungal and anti-parasitic and are pretty effective in dealing with various skin parasites, if that's what it turns out to be.

As embarrassing as it may seem to mention the problem to your mom, it's a good idea to do so. Just say something like, "Mom, I'm a bit embarrassed to mention this, but I have something under my skin in my private area that seems unusual. What should I do?"

Hopefully, she can take it from there and ease the embarrassment a little for you, but still help you figure out what the problem is. It may be something quite simple.

If you have other symptoms that you haven't mentioned that make you think it is definitely of the parasite variety, you can take 2 things internally that should help clear them out of your system.

The first is Herbal Fiberblend which is a powder combination of herbs and fiber that you just mix in a little juice or water twice a day for a couple of months. It cleanse out your digestive tract really well, helping to kill off and eliminate any parasites you may be harboring.

The other helpful product is Florafood, which is a combination of probiotics to build up your good bacteria in your body and strengthen your immune system. Friendly bacteria in your system do the job of fighting off unfriendly bacteria, like fungus and parasites.

If worse comes to worse and you feel you must see a doctor, don't worry. There are some lovely female doctors who should be able to put you at ease.

If I can be of any further help, please let me know. I'd be pleased to hear how this turns out for you.


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