I Have The Same Thing

by Gary
(Phoenix, AZ)

I'm having the same symptoms, and I felt the same way.

I also have a brain tumor, but it's hard to prove what's going on about my symptoms to a doctor.

The thing is the stuff that's going on in the house is real. You need to let people know to take pictures and document what's going on. Make it like a science project.

I do that so I will not go crazy. There is also what I feel is a lot of negative energy, or static. Only at night is when it gets bad.

I hear popping or creaking sounds from mostly the roof, and some walls. This happened in three places. So now I know I'm not crazy.

I thought it may be voodoo, from an x-girlfriend. I don't know yet, it still might be.

It started years ago but I was into meth. I thought it could be that. But I cleaned up and it went away. Maybe better health and life style.

Better health alright, but I was always in pain. Most of my life I've been in pain. Every time I wake up everything hurts. But I had no freaking worms or thread.

Oh, also white paint spots or sticky splatters on the floor in odd places where nothing was spilled.

So now no drugs. I go to doctor for pain. They take an MRI of my spine and by accident they MRI'd my brain and found a massive tumor in the pituitary gland. Maybe that has something to do with it.

But I still have freaking proof of physical bugs or eggs or wall noises or body pain and marks.... ALSO something about water that this hair or eggs like.

I find that water gives eggs or thread a physical form into tadpole-like worms. They resemble that worm parasite under the skin that lays eggs. It has a clear look to it. You can see through it.

From clear eggs or white thread when it touches water run. It will start to change form instantly.

Be afraid then. I have had this happen, and I've also touched it while wet and it seemed to go right into my skin. It hurt bad.

After a shower I've had thread things fall on me while wet. It felt like bee stings. I've seen red marks and holes were they landed. Then I got mad and started to pick at them. It was painful.

Then I
saw a worm-type thing move when I was picking at them. So I stopped picking...

I have too much to say. The thing is, it's real and just get proof, physical proof of eggs or thread. Video it...

Thanks. I will write more at a later time...

Hi Gary,

I'm so sorry to hear about your brain tumor. Do the doctors plan to do anything about it? What have they suggested?

I'm also sorry to hear about these terrible problems with what you think may be Morgellons.

Yes, your history of Meth use can certainly have started you down this terrible path, although many people report symptoms who have not had any history of drug use of any kind.

The noises in the house may be normal house noises that you are just noticing more lately because of this condition. However, houses can certainly be contaminated with very nasty parasites.

We recently had terrible flooding here in Australia and it's only been a couple of weeks and the mold and fungal growth in the houses affected has grown out of control. This is to the point that the walls have to be completely demolished and re-built.

People underestimate the physical affect of mold in houses and how it can destroy your health. You may be experiencing something of that nature - who knows?

In the earliest parts of the Bible, God instructed the people to totally destroy houses if the "plague of leprosy" could not be removed after particular attempts (Leviticus 14).

We have some options available to us these days that can help to rid our environment of unwanted pests and molds. They are effective in some cases and not in others, depending on the severity and type of condition.

Consider fogging your home with cedar oil. You can get a kit of Dr. Ben's Evictor and treat your house with it thoroughly.

If you do take this step, please let us know if you find that it does the trick or even improves the condition to any degree.

Of course, I also always suggest that people use internal herbs and nutritional supplements to make their body an unfriendly environment for parasites and boost their immune system (which should also help in coping with your brain tumor).

These are the best I can suggest...

Para 90
Herbal Fiberblend
Bear Paw Garlic

These are all available through AIM.

To your good health!

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