I Might Have A Parasite

by Kobi

I might have a parasite and I don't know what to do about it!

I felt a little tingle on my hand, and when I looked, there was a small yellowish worm-like thing wiggling, and sticking straight up like it was trying to burrow into my hand.

I swept it off, but I don't know if it is dead or not. I can't find it.

I'm not sure if it was a parasite or not, but I'm really scared it was, and I don't know what to do about it if it is.

Hi Kobi,

It almost sounds like the little worm you saw was a type of little caterpillar. Did it look something like that?

Do you have a hole in your skin where it may have dug into your hand? If not, I'd really not worry about it too much unless you start to feel really unwell.

To be on the safe side, clean your skin with hydrogen peroxide and/or tea tree oil.

To your good health!

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Dec 16, 2011
Dollar Store Remedies NEW
by: Angie

Hi R. Harris,

Why not list what you used here for those people who might be interested?

Dec 16, 2011
I know what most of you have NEW
by: R. Harris

I can help. Many of you habe the same symptoms I had. I knew how it happened to me so it was not hard to figure out what was going on. Doctors don't believe you and they can't help cause they don't know what it is and find it hard to believe. My doc believed me but didn't know how to help. I had to figure it out myself. I am completely free of them now. If you can't get any relief, email me at hrrsprp@yahoo.com and I will tell you what worked for me. You can get all that you need at the dollar store! You don't need to spend a fortune. I figure since I found a way to beat this (which was a living hell), I would be a pretty bad person not to try and help those of you still suffering.

Mar 22, 2011
Burrowing Parasites and Constipation
by: Angie

Hi Kristine,

Sorry to hear of all the dramas you have endured both in this residence and the previous one. It's ridiculous that you have been put in that position, but since it's done, let's look at what you can do now to improve your situation.

First of all, you mentioned that you have prescription induced constipation. This needs to be dealt with in order to put your body in a better position to avoid parasite issues. When your are plugged up with old waste, your body becomes toxic and a breeding ground for parasites.

I strongly suggest a 3-4 month cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend to improve your bowel health. If you are still on the medications, you need to take them at least 1 hour away from the HFB.

I would also encourage you to begin taking Bear Paw Garlic as it can help to make your body less friendly for the parasites, and Florafood to boost the good bacteria in your body.

As for your residence, it's just not good to keep that nasty carpet in the house. Can you pull it up and get rid of it. It would be much better just to have the bare floors until you can get this problem under control.

Obviously the Terminex is not working for you. There is no point in continuing the treatment. It is quite possible that your health is being affected negatively by the chemicals even though the fleas (or whatever pest your are dealing with) does not seem to be affected.

Instead, why not try the do-it-yourself fogging system by Cedarcide called Dr. Ben's Evictor? It is natural, safe, and seems to be quite effective on a wide range of pests.

I so hope that you will be able to take these steps and get relief and healing soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Mar 21, 2011
Burrowing parasite(s)
by: Kristine

My skin has been itching horribly. I went to the doctor & he has NO idea. I am on an antibiotic, skin lotion & hair shampoo. I've also been dealing with fleas for over a year. Moved into an apartment November 2009 that was infested with fleas. (I had NO idea.) Upstairs apt as well, along with the yard. Prior to moving in I asked about parasites, rodents & water problems. Landlord had all No's. The big problem is; I have 4 dogs as well. Two of which were or had been showing. Landlord wouldn't allow me to have professionals come in and spray. Not being the owner of the home, I had to have the landlords permission. I am now out; but broke my lease. I mention this because the fleas hooked a ride; even after everything I owned was washed, vacuumed or thrown out. (My livingroom set) I am doing everything in my power to rid this parasite. About 9 days ago, I woke up to itchy skin on my left leg & head. Here are my symtoms: skin collapses where bite is, Deep holes in my skin, huge hives, red ring where skin callasped, oozing, blooding, gooey infection on the bandages. The parasite looks to be very, very tiny & black. When I try to tweezer them out of hole, it hurts like hell, parasite seems to grasp itself to the skin, then skin collapses even more. (I can fit a Q-tip into two of the bites/holes.) Now in my hair I'm pulling out yellow bodied, sometimes looking like a fish silhouette. Brushing/combing hair black parasites fall out. Some also look like a larva of a flea. I did not have these types of bites living at previous residents. I also should mention, that I have been dealing with bad prescription induced constipation for eight years. Is my body attaching itself?

In my new residence I have carpeting through-out the house(minus bathroom and kitchen). Capeting is saturated with dog urine, very dirty upon me moving in.(It was to be cleaned.) I am finding stick-like things All through-out the house. They seem to spin debrise from carpeting for their bodies. The tiny black, thin, hair like ones have a point on the end of it. Is this a different bug? Did I move into another BUGGY home? It's too coinsidental with my bites & these things.

Terminex has been spraying this home once prior to me moving in, and once every month. It's NOT killing the fleas. My poor dogs..............Oh God help me!!! Can anyone out there help me???

Nov 18, 2010
Worm in foot
by: Anonymous

I was going to bed and i looked at my foot and there was a wierd worm

Aug 13, 2010
by: Jay

I Live in the south so am used to mosquitos and biting bugs, but I have itching periodically under the skin on my wrist for about a week and a half. There is no swelling and no marks other than reddening after scatching. I can't remeber being bite in the last few weeks on my wrist and it's the only place that aggressively itches evry so ofter?

Jul 11, 2010
Demodex or Morgellons?
by: Angie

Doesn't really sound like Demodex or Morgellons to be honest, since you can easily see the bugs, but I don't know what it is either. Sorry!

Are you getting a visible rash? Does it look like you are getting 'bites' or anything? Is it just your scalp that is being affected or are you itching other places on your body too?

Is it possible that you have bed bugs? Or lice? Do you know what they look like?

If you can capture some of the bugs and show them to someone locally, perhaps they can identify them for you. You don't necessarily have to tell them the whole story (as people tend to think you're crazy), just ask if they know what type of bugs they are.

Until you are able to go to the doctor, you may want to try covering your hair with olive oil and wrapping it in a towel before you go to bed. This may work to smother the bugs and allow you to get some sleep.

You can then wash the olive oil out of your hair in the morning. Let me know if this helps and if you find out anything either from a doctor or someone locally who can take a look at the bugs for you.

To your good health!

Jul 08, 2010
I think I have demodex
by: Anonymous

I have recently ( a few weeks ago) started visibly suffering from parasites & I don't know what they are.

I woke in the morming with itching to my scalp & face. When I looked I had tiny little bugs crawling on my face & in the bed & pillow. Since then I have had a constant tingling to my skin, my eyelids are sore and every night I'm itching & wake up to the bugs. That's if I manage to sleep.

After researching on the internet I think I have Demodex or maybe Morgellon's.

I can see the bugs in the morning & thought you couldn't see the Demodex bud so not sure what it is.

Do you have any ideas. I will go to the doctor but don't think I'll have much luck as I'm an English woman living in Spain

Jul 05, 2010
Doctors Think I'm Crazy
by: Angie


I replied to your original post, Doctors Think I'm Crazy, so you can click over to it and read my thoughts. You didn't leave your email address so I was unable to notify you when your question was published.

I hope it helps.

Jul 05, 2010
Doctor's think I'm crazy
by: MON

I am in the Military and in a very remote part of the world, and we have little medical resources. After traveling Singapore and Middle East I returned and within two days noticed white itchy pimples on , and between my fingers. Having scabies once before many years ago I went to the Doc and he treated me with Elimite. I knew I would be traveling again for a month and requested another tube to treat 7 days later, and was told one tube was enough. I left for exactly one month and the itching continued, but very few pumps. I knew this was normal, but returned to the doctor and he assured me no mites. One week later I broke out in a rash in all the traditional scabie sites. I went to the doctor and he said I had hives (dermatitus). They treated me one more time to shut me up. One week later the rash came back; not as furious put causing much more itch, and my hands started to burn. Following week I started getting pinprick biting and crawling sensations on my face, ears, and nose... My scalp began to itch like made. 4-5 months later I am loosing my mind...The military has given up on me after 24 years of service and will no longer treat me. I am due to go home (mid-tour) next month and I am terrified. I do not want my family living this hell. If anyone can help me please do. Thank you.... MON

Jun 22, 2010
Might Have A Parasite
by: Angie

Hi Kobi,

Of course, I don't know for sure if it WAS a caterpillar. It's just that I have seen some very tiny ones that can move in the way that you've described.

Some caterpillars can cause a rash on the skin, too.

Well, let's hope in your case that it's nothing to be concerned about.

Let me know if you experience any further symptoms that would make you think it was a parasite after all.

Jun 21, 2010
thank you
by: kobi

thanks angie! i didnt leave a hole, but there was a small circle thing on my hand for a few hours. it may have been a caterpillar, but it was very small, probably about a centimeter long. what really confuses me still, is that it was straight up in the air. ive never heard of anything like that.

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