I suffer with Crohn's disease.

by Gina
(Springfield, Ma USA)

I suffer with Crohn's disease. I want to GET constipated!! Constant diarreha is what I live with. I am looking for foods that stop it!

I am in constant pain with cramps and gas. All the steroids I take are useless and made me gain weight...I have awful bowel movement accidents: in bed, in public, in the grocery store, wherever. I need something to lock me up like a prison.

I would like to use less drugs and change my diet. Any help from anyone would be great. I am only 48 and I'm making messes in my pants.

Hi Gina,

When you say, "I suffer with Crohn's disease," you really do suffer. My heart goes out to you greatly!

As much as you want to be constipated, we both know that it isn't the answer or a viable solution for you, although you feel it would be a pleasant change.

Ideally, you want to get your body to heal itself of the damage that is causing the Crohn's disease symptoms. I can't give you a "miracle cure," but I can give you some suggestions on how you can make a few changes that can enable your body to heal over the long term.

I believe that God made our bodies to heal themselves when they get what they need to build healthy cells and repair damaged cells. Even in extreme cases such as cancer, the body can recover when it is given large amounts of good nutrition and various herbs and whole foods.

Crohn's can be tricky because it's controversial in nature as to what is the cause, and a lack of conventional medicine treatment solutions that genuinely work and bring healing.

Because the body needs about 10 times the amount of nutrition to heal as it does to maintain good health, someone suffering from Crohn's needs plenty of good nutrition each day.

This can be a real challenge because of the pain that is often associated with eating so many different foods and because of the malabsorption of nutrients experienced by many Crohn's sufferers.

One solution to consider is using whole food supplement powders from organically grown foods, juiced and dried to give you the best
possible nutritional value.

My mom is battling cancer at the moment and she uses the Garden Trio and Leaf Greens on a daily basis to increase the amount of high quality nutrition she gets each day.

For someone with Crohn's, these juice powders are a great way to feed your body nutrition without having to deal with the fiber content. You get the maximum amount of nutrition in the easiest possible way. Your body can benefit by using these nutrients to repair damaged cells and build healthy new cells.

Apart from improving your nutritional intake, you can also use herbs to help heal the lining of your gastro-intestinal tract. There are so many herbs that have healing properties. We don't use them nearly as much as we should.

Once you start improving your nutritional intake with the whole food powders mentioned above, consider also using some of these herbal supplements to help clean out your digestive tract and aid in healing your body.

  • Composure - relaxes the intestines and helps to destress your body.
  • Herbal Fiberblend - gently cleans the digestive tract and aids in healing the lining of the intestines.
  • AIMega - essential omega oils that help to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Prepzymes - natural digestive enzymes that will help your body handle the food you eat so there is less stress on your digestive organs.

These suggestions may seem like a lot of supplements to consider. I certainly understand that it can be a bit overwhelming, but I do believe that using these suggestions will be your best option to making real progress toward healing.

I know this isn't exactly the answer to the question you were asking, but my compassion for your situation demanded that I make these suggestions to you. I hope that you will find them helpful.

If it's any comfort to you, these particular products have a 100% money back guarantee if you discover that you are not happy with them. You can order them using my wholesale discount if you'd like to give them a try.

I hope one day you will no longer have to say "I suffer with Crohn's disease."

To your good health!

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