I think I have Morgellons, too!

by All About Parasites Visitor

This is why I think I have Morgellons, too.

It started with intense itching like I never felt before in my lower legs, possibly due to exposure to a mold infested house.

It was really bad at night or when I took a bath consistent with scabies. I thought I had scabies and treated myself three times with permethrin cream 5% and once with sulfer ointment.

I also used tea tree oil, but it just seemed to spread the problem.

I am convinced it is a fungus. I don't have any brain fog or joint pain, but I have open sores all over my legs and arms, and crawling skin.

I have started using Vetericyn, available at veterinary supply stores, with excellent success so far, but it is pricey.

I also found my symptoms cleared up with a tropical holiday of seawater and sun but they quickly returned when I got back.

I would suggest anyone with the symptoms to try the Vetericyn. It has provided remarkable reduction of the itching, and the sores are healing as well. I have only started using it so I will keep posting as to further results.

I also find sleeping with my clothes on reduces itching and protects myself from my own scratching. Jeans, socks, sweatshirt, all fairly tight fitting.

It also seams to retain some moisture around my body which seams to help as well.

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Mar 29, 2021
Anyone else exposed to toxic mould before symptoms NEW
by: Stace

I was i a rental with toxic mould, it had a misquito infestation from stagnant water under the house. Me and my kids all have had non stop health issues since and I got a clear video of one of the larve on my skin the other day. I have had symptoms of lymes been tested for soooo many things but my dr has refused to look up close, i insisted on a dermatologist appointment $300 and he spent ten minutes reading a letter from my dr then started with . " sometimes when we go through a stressful experience ( fighting Australian wildlifes) we start habits like picking our skin as a result. I kid you not he didn’t even look. I have lost all faith in medical field it’s absolutely disgusting that they can sit there refuse to look and confidently tell you it’s psychological. Bastards it’s eating my life esssence away every day. Time to invest in a really goid mocroscope and micro camera lense. But would solid proof help. Probably not i bet theres a mushroom or botanical that easily solves this problem but it can’t be a moneypit for pharmaceutical so its blocked .

Oct 31, 2014
Getting Rid of Parasites and Symptoms... NEW
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Debra,
Sorry to hear about all that you have been going through. I'm just going to jump in and give you my suggestions for what I truly believe would be the most help to you based on what you have said.

Herbal Fiberblend
Barley Life

Those 4 supplements will do you the most good in getting your body cleaned out and boosting your immune system.

You will take the Herbal Fiberblend and Composure together twice per day, at least 1 hour before or after any other supplements or medications. I suggest first thing in the morning and then just before bed.

You then take the Barley Life mid-morning and mid-afternoon, preferably on an empty stomach. You can mix it with other juice if you don't like the "green" taste of it, or just mix it with water.

The AIMega is best taken with meals, so you can take it with lunch and dinner.

These are what I have found to be the most successful against a wide range of parasites, and you will get better results taking them all together than if you only pick one or two of them and hoping for the best.

Incidentally, I would be surprised if this didn't also help with your Lupus as well.

You can get order them at wholesale prices here and they come with a money back guarantee.

Truly, if you were my best friend, that's what I'd tell you to do.

Praying that you will soon be well again.
Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Oct 30, 2014
Worms are in my skin! NEW
by: Debra

I don't know if I have morgellons but I definitely have some form of parasite in my skin. This is a living nightmare. I have sores that heal slowly, chronic itching, and pain. The sores started on my back but spread to other parts of my body. I learned fast that you can't go to a regular Dr. For help because I was treated like a nut case and I overheard the staff at the desk saying as I left, "is that the one." Then laughing their heads off. We'll this is no joke!im suffering immensely and have tried many things that help for a while but no cure. I literally tried to tell myself this was nothing and tried to ignore it but it's impossible! I have clear to white eggs, worms, and some have a c shape. They have a hook apparatus on the more mature ones.ive seen hundreds of these and I know it's real. They are now getting much larger in size and multiplying. I do have lupus snd I've heard that parasites may be associated with the disease. I am getting intense brain fog, increasing fatigue, and the lupus is getting worse. I had lemongrass essential oil that I use for making diy soaps and it is pure. I put some directly on a sore and was shocked! Literally I got around 50 different parasites out in one evening. I don't have time for this I have a two year old! I going to get a cleanse this weekend. I have read that green walnut hulls, clove, and another herb help to destroy them. Brain fog again. I do know with me, heat and humidity make it totally unbearable. The itching gets way worse. I gave to take a shower if this happens. Apple cider vinegar also helps. I was taking this twice a day but ran out. I do not normally see fibers. I also have debris coming out of pores at times. It varies but usually is a dark brown hard tiny object. I need a dr. Before its too late!!!if anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Apr 10, 2011
Thanks for the tip!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for your tip on this site. Please do keep us posted as to how the vece??? (-SORRY about the spelling) from the vet is working for you. Pricey, but if it kills whatever this is, it is well worth the money, every last penny.
Thanks again, and GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!
Will keep an eye out for more from you.

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