I'm NOT Delusional!!!!

by TD

Since when is it okay for doctors to tell you what I have placed in front of them, right there on slides, in pictures, in the jars of alcohol is all in my head???? They weren't even shrinks!!!

So, after 8 doctors I'm sent on my way with no help WHATSOEVER. They're done! "There is nothing there." If I hear that one more time I will put my foot in someone's behind.

So, basically, don't worry about letting anyone catch if from me or my husband?
Don't know what causes it.
Don't know what cures it.
Don't know how to control it.

All I know for a fact is this:
I am being eaten from the inside out by these parasites that come in so many different shapes and forms.

Literally, from the inside out, comes marks then holes where they lay & eat my flesh.

Oh yeah, lets not forget to talk about their cycle! They hatch every 6 days.

I have tried everything from super glue, to Nair ALL OVER MY BODY (no, I do not have a left eyebrow any longer) to total body cleaners, bleach in the bath, tea tree oil, you name it. It has cost me ALOT.

Guess what - got Chinese food the other day, looked at my soup & there was a worm in it. Looked at a piece of beef from my Beef & Vegetables and there was a worm on the beef. There were two of those ribbon kinds just laying in the rice.

NO, I AM NOT DELUSIONAL. I have little hand held microscopes and I checked. They were, in fact critters. NO KIDDING.

I've read we can thank the Chinese for this (and this does not surprise me in any way), and I've read that you can thank the good 'ole USA for it.

All I know is this, my arms look like the arms of a 90 year old's. I have open lesions all over on my arms and my hands, front & back, and on my face.

I itch constantly and really hate every other 6th day. I have absolutely NO appetite. WOULD YOU???

I really think I could kill myself within the next couple months--I can't see my Mom or Step Dad any longer. I can't see
my daughter any longer. I can't see my two grandbabies any longer.

Anyone who would be so selfish that they would have any company in their home and allow someone to be infested with these bugs need their head examined. They don't know I have this disease. What the heck, according to the doctors, I don't.

Wish I was imagining a nice tan and pina colada instead of open lesions all over my body. And, according to the doctor's I've seen that won't fess up to the truth, I am just imagining all these things coming out of my constantly.

They need their head examined & their license taken away for thinking (well, they are getting by with the lies) they can pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

Just wait until a doctor's kid or wife gets it. At this rate, with them turning us away, letting things go like nothing is wrong other than I'm delusional, it will not be long and there is going to be a full blown epidemic.

I think there is one now, but how many people do you know that would allow people over to their homes & then sit down & drink some coffee while discussing their worms & other bugs living & feeding off their flesh & insides. yum yum. Makes me want to PUKE!!!!

Dear TD,

I'm so terribly sorry to hear your story. You have my sincerest sympathies. I wish there were something I could do to help you.

Until this condition is taken seriously and a definite treatment is determined, I can only suggest to those who are suffering to make three major changes:

  1. Serious dietary changes - follow the Candida Diet Guidelines and particularly eliminate sugars and processed foods from your diet.

  2. Internal cleansing - using anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbs and supplements on a daily basis for several months. (Suggestions: Herbal Fiberblend, Para 90, Bear Paw Garlic)

  3. Boosting the immune system - with quality nutritional supplements and whole foods so that your body can fight and heal. (Suggestions: Florafood, Garden Trio, Vitamin D, AIMega)

My heart aches for you and the despair and desperation that you are feeling. I pray the Lord will encourage and strengthen you and give you healing.

To your good health!

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Dec 10, 2014
My Best Suggestions For Most Of You...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

I’ll tell you what I tell most of the people who write in with serious health issues that no one seems able to help. First of all, I'm not a doctor, so I can't "diagnose" people or give "medical advice." :)

Since you've asked for my opinion on your situation, I'm happy to share my experiences and knowledge with you and you can take it or leave it at your own discretion. Fair enough?

Although I can't identify anyone's condition sight unseen, what I can do is suggest exactly what I would do if I found myself in your situation (as I have experienced something similar a couple of years ago – undiagnosed skin condition that was driving me mad – and got rid of it successfully).

Unfortunately, I don't know each person’s full health history, which is always good/helpful to know when trying to determine what someone is dealing with and how best to move forward and improve their health.

Having said that, this is the protocol that I would follow based on my knowledge of the body, nutrition, parasites, and the immune system.

Morning and Evening:
  • Composure - take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening before bed - you can open the capsules and mix them with the Herbal Fiberblend if desired.

  • Herbal Fiberblend - start with 1 tsp. 2x per day and gradually increase until you are using 1 heaped tbsp. 2x per day (take this 1 hour away from everything else; other supplements or medications except for the Composure) (for at least 3 months)

Mid-morning and Mid-afternoon:
  • BarleyLife - take 1-2 tsp twice per day for nutritional support. Best taken on an empty stomach.

With Lunch And Dinner:
  • AIMega - 2 capsules twice per day (essential fatty acids)
  • Florafood - 1 capsule twice per day (probiotics)

These are my BEST suggestions for most of you and I do believe that they will help tremendously.

The above AIM products are available here at wholesale prices and have a money back guarantee.

Follow the protocol FAITHFULLY for a few weeks and if you aren't seeing improvement you can get a full refund within 30 days. Because some of you have got such a severe infestation, I think it will take a few months of faithful use to get rid of the problem entirely, but you should at least be able to tell within the 30 days if you are heading in the right direction.

These are the supplements I personally use and have recommended to family, friends, and clients for several years with very good results, which is why I am so confident in recommending them to you to try.

I hope this info is beneficial. I know it is a lot to consider and take in, but it's the best way to get long lasting results. Please let me know if you have any questions and/or if I can be of further help.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dec 07, 2014
I'm not delusional
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry that everyone is suffering in silence with this nightmare. I have lesions on my upper body which started out like a small scab that just didn't feel normal. I began to have itching and then one day looked at one of these under magnification and was shocked to see what looked like a tiny insect! It definitely has stages that have progressed in my body and now I don't need any magnification to see them. They are now mostly worms in the skin which will literally pop out on my arm like a pimple and I can pull it out with tweezers. These things are a living nightmare and I did only go to the Dr once but never went back due to being told that this would basically be impossible that a worm could be in human skin. The Dr I saw had to go do a Google search after I told her the symptoms. I am an RN of 20 years and am not delusional now nor have I ever been. I believe thus is an engineered disease and this is why the CDC and the medical establishment are ignoring it. Their day will come. I am unable to work because if this and am financially devastated. J have tried holistic methods with on and off relief but now this is getting so bad I have even wondered if I am going to live much longer. I think the wurst part of this is the isolation. I hope my nerves will hold up because I have never felt this stressed out in my entire life. How can you feel like a normal human with these things in your skin?? I have recently changed my diet to try to greatly reduce my sugar intake as it feeds them I hear. One thing I did that freaked me out was this. I had packets if citric acid in kitchen cabinet that is equal to 1/4 lemon approximately. I put a small amount right on top of an area of skin that had a lesion and OMG I nearly passed out! After the citric acid sat on my skin about two minutes I wiped it away and saw a stack of small white worms on my skin!!! I was so shocked it couldn't look at it and quickly rinsed it off. Since then I have been extremely upset about this ordeal because I know for sure what I'm dealing with. When this incident occurred my first thought was I need to go to the ER but I quickly changed my mind! I wouldn't be taken seriously. I recently googled worms in skin and it brought up a story of a persons cat that had a worm in its neck. This person was told to get the cat to the vet immedieteky or it would die. I thought wow, an animal can get treatment for this but not a human???? What's wrong with this picture??

Dec 07, 2014
I'm not delusional!
by: Anonymous

I have been living this nightmare of bugs and worms in my skin for nearly one year now. Went to the Dr once and was told it's virtually impossible and heard staff making fun if me as I left so I have not went back to a Dr. My situation is now getting very bad as the sores are becoming more pronounced and now the parasites are very visible without any magnification. This has turned my life into a nightmare. I'm a nurse and can no longer work. I can barely do anything and I'm getting concerned tjis is affecting my spinal column as I'm noticing sores there and having pain in my neck and liw back right in the spinal area. I'm so angry at the me focal profession for labeling prople as delusional when this is something they won't even look at. This boils down to medical negligence and I believe Drs better wake up before they end up in a malpractice suit. I got so desperate I tried Stromectol with absolute no relief of this skin parasite issue. I have tried borax, tea tree oil, coconut oil, cloves, bentonite clay, diatomsceous earth and did get some teluef until recently and now it's exploded. These worms are literally popping my skin open. I thought I had cutaneous larval margins because I can see tracks under my skin. Of course when I saw the Dr she was clueless and had to go do a google search then came back saying it wasn't that. She never came very close to me so how would she know? I I can actually see the worms under the skin often and this is foo scary. I have read they can cause paralysis this really worries me now that they seem to be in this area. I don't know where to turn, except to God. I really am starting to think this was intentionally created and this must be why it's being ignored by the CDC, Des, and the like.i need answers and fast! I see why there are people who take their lives, you feel so alone, you can't talk about it to people, and what if it's contagious???

Apr 29, 2012
Im not delusional
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear your having such a hard time as ive been there and still am! I found a product from The Finchley Clinic called bayberry Formula A which kills the toxins from the candida so you dont get that poisioned feeling and feel like your dying. It does work also Silversheild(though im having a rest from that for a while) and Fibreblend really helps. They cant keep calling us all delusional for ever, especially as so many people have Morgellons now. I personally think its GM food and drink so try to only have organic. Can be quite difficult especially when you cant work and have no energy to cook properly.
Hope you feel better soon and a cure isnt too far away. Your not alone, although it feels like it!

Angie (coventry)

Dec 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Take turns: One night have a hot soak in borax, white vinegar, epsom salt & peroxide, the next have a hot soak in the same, except use Sun clothes detergent with bleach instead of the borax. BE SURE TO TAkE A SHOWER AFTER THE SOAK & CLEAN THE TUB OUT VERY GOOD AFTERWARDS!!! It may not be that great on your skin, but the things living in you sure dont like it. At least it's some type of relief for awhile. I'm not responsible to anyone for anything which may occur due to this suggestion-I just know it helped me.

Dec 28, 2010
skin hell
by: Lynn

Dear suffer,
I saw your post and wanted to write to let you know that your not just seeing things.
I, in June was bit by a tick and it has caused some very severe and unexplainable symptoms. Ranging from NO sleep for days on end to crawling feelings everywhere on my body to some kind of bug, fungus, Bactria growing or coming out of my skin.It has caused my skin to have open sores and so on. It has been 6 months of pure flip out hell.
The fact that your not eating may be a blessing. Clearly your body is trying,I think, to heal it's self. I too can not eat or rather I don't have a desire to. And when I do it makes things much much worse. So I have decided to not eat but every 3 days or longer as anything I do eat causes my skin to crawl and then there is no sleep.
On the upside My skin is healing and what ever I see in it is less and less..thank god.
I see a holistic doctor who has helped me with my skin. I take some formulas from her. I also see my western doctor after a long trial of not being able to see him and going to a few other doctors who thought I was out of my mind. The western doctor and me are working on some medical testing to understand more deeply what is causing all of this. So I just wanted to offer some words to you and say that it might be a good idea to look at a holistic approach and not that you have not. there is a lot I have been doing ( in a very healthy way and with great success ) to make my skin a unfriendly place for what ever has been in or on it. And I know what ever is causing the issues with my skin are truly from the inside and caused from the tick and what ever all it gave me. So that has been a huge focus as well.
My email houts42@msn.com

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