Imbalance Causing A Sore Throat

by Janice

I'm wondering if I might have thrush or some imbalance causing a sore throat.

I've had a nagging sore throat for about one month. I took a dose of antibiotics 2 weeks after it started. I ended the antibiotics last week and things have not improved.

I've had a stressful month, and I tend to have a bit of a weak immune system. I get sore throats like this about 3-4 times a year.

I also have had a lot of problems with yeast infections and other vaginal issues/bladder infections in the past 2 years.

I'm thinking it's related to yeast this time around as well. Any advice on how to cure this for good?

Thanks for your help.

Dear Janice,

It certainly does sound like you are an ideal candidate for yeast overgrowth (Candida) and that you have a weak immune system that is resulting in an imbalance causing a sore throat and these other recurring infections, just as you suspected.

Antibiotics are definitely not the answer (in my opinion) and are probably only making matters worse for you. Although antibiotics can be helpful on certain occasions, they definitely weaken your immune system further, which is the last thing you need.

To get rid of your condition for good, you are definitely going to have to take matters into your own hands and actively cleanse your
body of the excess candida overgrowth and boost your immune system so that you don't keep getting these attacks.

Yes, the stress contributes to the poor health condition, but sometimes we can't eliminate the stress in our lives, so we have to work around it by supporting the body in other ways. Here are my suggestions...

  • Herbal Fiberblend - for cleansing
  • Bear Paw Garlic - for cleansing
  • Florafood - for building up the good bacteria
  • Leaf Greens - for boosting the immune system
  • AIMega - for boosting the immune system

These 5 AIM supplements working together will help you get the yeast under control and strengthen your body to keep you in top form.

I'd start off using all of them for at least the first month. After that, you can probably just use the last 2 on a daily basis to maintain your strong immune system (assuming that you eat a fairly healthy diet).

Speaking of diet, you really ought to cut out your sugar intake for a few weeks while cleansing. Sugar feeds the yeast and makes it much harder for your body to get on top of the situation when you are feeding the enemy. ;)

Hope this helps and that you are able to enjoy the coming year free of all of these recurring infections.

To your good health!

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