Infant Candida

by Julie Hynes
(Perth W.A )

What should I start my baby on? She is 6 months and I want to start solids. She has infant candida and is lactose intolerant.

Any ideas on milk? I tried soy and had a bad response. She is now on goats milk formula but still has lactose in it.

I'm worried about foods. I have researched it, and I thought broccoli. Is there a book that could help me with my infant?


Hi Julie,

Having an infant with candida would be challenging enough, adding in lactose intolerance, and I'm sure you must be feeling terribly frustrated at times.

Instead of goat's milk formula, try real goat's milk. A friend of mine found that to be very helpful. They even got a goat and milked it themselves. :)

You can also try rice milk or almond milk.

As for starting her on solids, you can try homemade rice porridge (soaking rice overnight for easier digestion) for at least the first year or two, and totally avoid dairy - and definitely avoid sugar.

Remember that bought baby food has a lot of junk in it too - wheat for a thickener/filler, sugars, etc.

Broccoli is a good idea as are most green veggies. You can also try some pumpkin. Steam and mash the veggies. If you can keep the temperature low while steaming, you'll keep the
enzymes alive and she'll benefit much more nutritionally from the vitamins and minerals.

What are you doing for the infant candida? I hope you are using some probiotics. You really want to help her to get rid of the candida as soon as possible, of course.

Here are two good probiotic options: You could either open a capsule of Florafood and mix it into her food, or you can use the powdered supplement In-Liven and stir a little of that in her food.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that our bodies need to help get candida (yeast fungus) under control. Supplementing with probiotics is important for improved digestion, too.

Did you breast feed her at all? The reason I ask is that sometimes babies get Candida from their mum. Candida is very easily passed, so it's not at all uncommon.

If that's a possibility, you also want to give yourself a good cleanse by using Herbal Fiberblend and taking some probiotics regularly, too.

I don't know of a book off the top of my head on the subject of infant candida, but I'll have a look around and see if I can locate something appropriate for you.

I hope you are able to help your little treasure to feel better and get on the right track again soon.

To your good health!

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Info on Baby Allergies
by: Joanna

I asked a friend about baby allergies for you and this is what she said....

    My littlest one has multiple food and environmental allergies....and I breastfed exclusively and delayed food until 5.5 months....his first allergy was to rice (yep, you read it right).

    Sometimes allergies and intolerances are just something that happens.

    My suggestions are as follows:
    - get the mother to have her gp recommend a dietian who has an interest in allergies/intolerances for both the mother and the bub
    - encourage her to NOT panic but instead to be INFORMED about what they are facing.

    Food suggestions that I would recommend for first foods, would be organic baby rice cereal mixed with cooled boiled water.

    As bub's needs increase, start adding vegetables like pumpkin mixed with puffed amaranth. I firmly believe that the puffed amaranth got my son through the early years of his allergies with no failure to thrive issues. I added puffed amaranth to everything I could.

    I still add puffed amaranth to my rissole mixture instead of bread crumbs.

    I think the most important thing to do is find a dietitian who understands.

...hope that helps!

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