Inflamed Lining In The Stomach

by Kim Rankins
(Boaz, AL)

I have a question about an inflamed lining in the stomach. Does pH effect the lining in your stomach?

Hi Kim,

Body pH can affect all aspects of our body and how it stays healthy, so I would guess that the lining of your stomach is no different.

Your stomach has a naturally acidic environment because of the acids needed to digest your food. You don't want an alkaline stomach, of course, but your overall body pH can determine how your body heals by allowing your immune system to stay strong.

Have you seen a doctor? Do you have a stomach ulcer, perhaps?

Something that you can easily do to soothe an inflamed lining in the stomach is to get some cabbage, run it through a juicer, and drink it.

It may not be the best taste you've ever had, but cabbage juice has a very healing effect on the lining of your stomach.

Years ago my father had lacerations on the lining of his stomach as a result of too much pain medication. The raw cabbage juice was the only thing that gave him relief and healed his stomach.

I would also recommend taking some Florafood daily to help build up your immune system and using the Garden Trio for nutritional support.

I hope you (or whoever you are inquiring for) is able to get relief soon.

To your good health!

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