Insect Burrowed Into My Skin

by Marti

What is this insect burrowed into my skin?

This is something so small that it required a magnifying glass to detect that it was an insect burrowed into my skin under the breast.

It hurt but did not itch. When I finally located the cause of the pain, it was hard like having a small chard or splinter in my skin.

I tried removing it with a pair of tweezers. This hurt so much that I got the sweats. I finally got the body of a small insect from my skin but the head was still in.

Once removed it no longer hurt and was only slightly swollen.

Hi Marti,

It's possible that what you had burrowed into your skin was a small tick. Were you able to eventually remove the head?

Try applying hydrogen peroxide to the area followed by tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil. It may burn a bit, depending on how deep you've dug into your skin, but the oils are anti-parasitic and should help to remove the head if it's still left residue there.

Because you've discovered and removed the bug, you probably won't have much future trouble, but if you start to feel unwell, you should go and have it looked at by a health care practitioner.

To your good health!

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