Irritation In Gut

by Priya

I have this irritation in gut region and when I dig through I find a small s shaped white worm that is pointed on both ends and one end has a very narrow thread like protrusion only visible in light under a darker background.

It is very energetic initially but it slowly subsides in the outside environment. It is commonly thought 'creamy.' I don't know medically what parasite it is, but the pic is so similar to hookworm on net.

I am confused. What do you suggest? Is it hookworm?

I have had deworming medicines for creamy 3 times but these worms come back again but they disappear for some days after the deworming dose.

Moreover I don't walk barefoot on soil at all so I don't think it can be hookworm, yet it's similar.

Dear Priya,

I'm sorry to have to ask, but are you saying you are digging through your skin to find this "worm" or are you digging through your fecal matter to discover it?

Usually when people mention an irritation in their gut, they are talking about digestive and intestinal upsets. Is that what you are referring to?

Based on what you have described, I can't say whether you have hookworm or not, but hookworm is a possibility even if you don't go around with bare feet.

You can actually get hookworm by touching contaminated soil with your hands and accidentally touching your mouth and then swallowing the hookworm eggs, etc.

I know it sounds nasty, but it can easily be done.

You might want to try some cleansing herbs since the de-worming medication you have tried is not having any lasting effect. I would also suggest some probiotics (acidophilus, bifidum, longum), which is the good bacteria your body needs to fight off parasite infections.

For the herbs, look for something that has black walnut hull, wormwood, and clove. If you don't find something with all three in it, try finding them separately, but do take all three.

The black walnut hull and wormwood target the adult parasites and the clove targets the eggs so that you don't keep getting them over and over again as you have been experiencing.

Hope this helps!

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