Is Herbal Fiberblend Worth It?

by Maitena

I'm a skeptic. Is Herbal Fiberblend worth it?

I do want to try the Herbal Fiberblend, but if I'm going to have to take 4Tbs a day and it's recommended that I take it for 3 months, that could get pricey.

It comes in a 13oz container, there are 2Tbs in an ounce. One 13oz container would last 6.5 days. 3 months would cost over $430.

I'm sorry, but there is not enough information on your site for me to feel comfortable spending that kind of money.

Hi Maitena,

Healthy skepticism is a good thing. I don't believe everything I read either. I'm glad you took the time to ask your question and voice your concern so that I could clear up the matter a little for you.

First of all, I think you are confusing liquid measurements and dry a little bit.

You are correct in believing that there are 2 Tablespoons of liquid in 1 fluid ounce. However, Herbal Fiberblend is a powder and the 13 ounces that you refer to is a measurement of weight. :)

Secondly, you won't be using 4 Tablespoons per day. If I stated that somewhere on the site, it was a typo on my part.

Here's the proper dosage for a 3 month cleanse:

Week 1 - 1 teaspoon twice per day
Week 2 - 2 teaspoons twice per day
Week 3 - 1 Tablespoon twice per day

Continue with that serving amount until you are nearing the end of your cleanse and then decrease the dosage gradually just as you increased it.

So, the most you would be taking is 2 Tablespoons per day (some people use a level Tablespoon while others use a heaping Tablespoon). Sometimes larger people will increase their dose to accommodate their size.

Regardless, one 13 oz.
container of Herbal Fiberblend contains about 52 Tablespoons of powder. I used 3 containers during my 3 month cleanse and my friend used 4 containers (she was taking slightly more than I was.

Another friend was still passing some nasty matter during her 3rd month so she decided to continue on with the cleanse for 4 months until she felt she was thoroughly cleaned out.

You have to determine for yourself the exact amount to use and how long to cleanse based on the results you are getting. A 3 month cleanse is recommended, but it isn't set in stone.

As for the cost, in the US, 3 containers would cost $93 (plus postage) and in the UK (specifically, London) 3 containers would cost £54.00 (plus £6.50 for postage - although postage is free if your order goes over £65.00).

Is Herbal Fiberblend worth it? For me, it has definitely been worth it. You can barely visit a doctor for less than the cost of a 3 month cleanse. In the US, the cost works out to be about a dollar a day. That's less than what most people spend on a cup of coffee. It's a very small investment to make in exchange for better health.

By the way, the AIM/BarleyLife company also guarantees the product. If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you are allowed to return it for a full refund. That's more than fair, so it's well worth trying.

I hope that answers your questions and concerns to some extent about whether or not Herbal Fiberblend is worth it.

If you decide to give it a try, I'd love to get some follow up feedback from you as you go through the cleansing process.

To your good health!

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Risks? NEW
by: Teri

Considering purchasing this. Are there any health risks associated with the Herbal Fiberblend product? Thanks.

Health Risks of Herbal Fiberblend NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Teri,

I don't know of any particular health risks of using Herbal Fiberblend. As with almost any supplement, there is always the typical warning to women who are pregnant. Having said that, I've known pregnant ladies to use the HFB to help with constipation, though they don't use the full cleansing amount, but rather a teaspoon or so per day.

Of course, anyone can have an allergy or sensitivity to a particular herb, but generally speaking HFB is quite safe and gentle on the body.

I've been using and recommending it to friends, family, and others for years with only positive results.

If I ever get any complaints, it is simply that people don't like the taste! Neither do I, so I can't blame them, but it's worth the momentary unpleasantness for the great benefits.

If you have a question about a specific concern in regarding health risks of Herbal Fiberblend, just ask and I'll see what I can find out for you.


P.S. By the way, AIM offers a money back guarantee, so if you get it and don't like it, you can send it back for a refund. ;)

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