Is it normal to have pulsating below my left ribs?

by Tracey
(Brooklyn, NY)

Is it normal to have pulsating below my left ribs? It feels like something is there or my heart has dropped below the ribs. It pulses that strongly.

I am currently being treated for roundworms. What do you know about this and what can I do to get rid of them? I have already taken some pills, but they seem to be still around.

I have a follow up with a doctor, but want to gather as much information as I can in the meantime. Do I need X-Rays or an MRI?

Hi Tracey,

I wouldn't say it is "normal" to have pulsating below your left ribs. I've noticed that sometimes we can feel our pulse in a lot of strange places on the body at different times, though.

I would definitely mention it to your doctor during your follow up visit. I can't imagine it is anything as serious as your heart dropping. That would be the first I'd heard of such a thing.

It could be a simple symptom of the roundworms or a reaction to the pills that you took to get rid of them. It's hard to nail it down when there are so many possibilities.

What pills did you take? Were they natural supplements or prescription drugs?

Regardless, if you feel that they didn't do the job, I'd recommend a couple of things for a natural treatment to help your body get rid of the roundworms.

  • Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing.
  • Florafood for building up the good bacteria in your system and returning balance to your immune system.

Those would be my top recommendations, but there are also some other good quality choices. You can check out similar options available at the Global Healing Center if you prefer.

Whatever products you settle on for yourself, you definitely need a thorough clean out with an herbal cleansing product to get rid of the roundworms and some probiotics to replenish the friendly bacteria that your body needs and strengthen your immune system.

Otherwise, you will probably continue to struggle with a recurrence of the roundworms and associated symptoms of parasite infection.

Do let me know what the doctor says about whether he/she thinks it is normal to have pulsating below your left ribs and what they recommend. I'm interested in hearing your results.

To your good health!

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Aug 31, 2020
Hair worms are killing me and my two diogs
by: Aroha

We have hair worms everywhere, all threw my clothing furniture carpet on the walls roof in our skin hair and in our lungs and intestines.. I have a black light and at first I was terrified to see these things but slowly I looked and got braver I have filmed these attacks the hair worms d to us. Wen they bite us it’s a very sharp painful feeling and it’s not just one or two we actually suffer full blown attacks. Wen we go to the toilet we don’t actually do poo we poo out massive amounts of worms, sometimes 8 times a day and are so bloated we can only eat small amounts of food. There isn’t much that kill these things hydrogen peroxide is a good one they hate it and clothes washing powder they turn black and slowly die. We have had several doses of ivermectin but if your dog is a cattle dog they can’t have ivermectin so make sure you know what breeds are able to take it before giving it to dogs or it will kill your dog. I have some footage to share

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