Is It Scabies?

by Victoria
(Austin, TX. USA)

Is it scabies?

I've been experiencing crawling sensations all over my body for about 2 weeks now especially on my scalp but I have no lice.

I've also been itchy and found several little bumps, now my 2 children are experiencing the itch especially on their hand closer to the thumb and have a small rash there with little red bite looking dots/bumps.

I'm thinking its contagious and am worried my 6 month old baby might get it if he doesn't already have it. I haven't found any bites/bumps on him and I haven't seen him scratch either. I breastfeed him so shouldn't he catch it if it's contagious?

Same thing with my husband. He doesn't feel itchy and no bites/bumps, and we sleep on the same bed together.

This all started soon after our puppy died (I think maybe from parasites) about 2 weeks ago. Could this have something to do with that?

I scheduled a doctors appointment and believe they are just going to prescribe us some kind of toxic cream or something but I made the appointment hoping to see if maybe they can do some kind of skin test to tell me is it scabies or what else it could be before trying to cure it with something.

The thing is I don't like taking drugs or creams that are going to harm my family and I. I would rather cure something the natural way using natural remedies but don't know what would work.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Hi Victoria,

Hmmmm. Is it scabies? It
may be scabies, but to be honest it could be something else, too. Scabies quite often have track like lines where the parasite burrows in the skin, not just single little blisters.

There are other possibilities, like a fungal infection or other type of parasite. Yes, most parasites are contagious because they can quite easily be passed via personal contact.

It's strange how seem people "catch" a parasite and others seem to escape unscathed. That's usually the result of an individual's immune system being strong enough to fight off a parasite without symptoms developing.

You're right that the doctor will probably prescribe a chemical treatment like permethrin. Unfortunately, it seems that these chemicals are becoming less effective against the parasite as time passes.

There are a number of natural treatments for scabies that you can try...

  • raw organic apple cider vinegar
  • tea tree oil
  • oregano oil
  • Indian neem oil
  • garlic oil

You can apply one of these treatments topically, or add some to your bath water and have a soak.

They are all anti-parasitic and anti-fungal in nature.

I would also suggest that each of you begin taking some probiotics regularly. These are the good bacteria that your body uses to fight off parasites, fungus, etc. Try Florafood if you don't already have some probiotics on hand.

Finally, if this problem persists, consider an herbal cleanse, like Herbal Fiberblend. It contains many anti-parasitic herbs that help rid your body of internal parasites.

Hope this helps you and your family get some relief soon.

To your good health!

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