Itch On One Toe and Groin Area

by Kerri
(Sacramento, Ca. USA)

Wow where to start? I am a 55 year old female. Post menopausal now. In the past many years I have had a lot of weird, seemingly unrelated, symptoms that I finally have connected somewhat.

Most recently I found I had very low Vitamin D levels which I am correcting now.

Then I found I had gluten intolerance found by a biofeedback session. Went off gluten and very quickly found I felt so much better in the abdomen area that was really starting to create havoc.

Previous to that I had more upper digestive problems i.e. heartburn (10 years), acid reflux (5 or so years ) and sleep apnea for about the same as reflux.

On top of all that I had a really weird rattling like the flutter of a hummingbird wings going on in my left ear that would happen when I laid on it... for many, many years and drove me crazy. Which has almost all disappeared after about a month on the gluten free diet... *insert big smile here* never expected to have an end to that annoying thing.

At about the same time I started the heartburn I also noticed an intense ear itch in my left ear that would drive me crazy, esp at night. I could never live with out q-tips! That is how I deal with the itch.

More recently I have now added a ringing in the ears...then to add to all that I have had this itch on the side of my big toe on my left foot for quite some time now.

Also about March of this year I had a yeast infection in the groin area which still comes and goes. Also had a UTI which added to the misery. That is cleared up now.

Oh, and for about 5 years now I have had this strange smell that only I could smell...I noticed it would happen after eating a lot of sugar. That has now almost completely cleared up. I think it must have been fungus in my sinuses?

So glad that is on its way out. It was really not fun! I did have a brain scan just to be
sure that it wasn't from a brain tumor. It was clear.

Things I have done
  • Vitamin D - since beginning of March
  • Went on a sugar free/candida diet beginning of March
  • Off Gluten- March 11
  • I have used tea tree oil and Grape seed extract for the toe
  • I have used Grape Seed Extract for the yeast infection topically as well as internally.
  • Colon Cleanse followed by a good probiotic maintenance
  • Green Drink every morning with my vitamins

Right now I feel pretty good with the exception of this toe and the itchy ear which has been with me for years and seems to be hanging on.

I never cheat on my diets of sugar free and gluten free. The smell of yeast has disappeared but I cannot figure out why I am still so itchy??
Sorry it is so long.

Thank you for any help you might be able to share.

Hi Kerri,

It sounds to me like you are doing all the right things but that you need to keep on at it a little bit longer.

You mentioned that your symptoms have been troubling you for many years. It usually takes at least a month for every year you've been unwell.

Since you just began your cleansing, etc., in March, you have only been at it 2-3 months. I think you'll find that if you continue on for a few more months, you'll just keep improving. :)

I generally recommend that someone doing a cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend make it at least for 3 months minimum. It takes a while to clean out the build up of toxins and old fecal matter, not to mention parasites or an overgrowth of fungus.

You are moving in the right direction. Just keep at it. Continue with the colon cleansing and the regular probiotics. Stay on your low sugar diet.

You may want to start including some EFA's (essential fatty acids) to your regimen. You can take it along with your morning green drink. AIMega is a good combination.

I hope you'll report back in several more weeks to let us know how you are progressing.

To your good health!

Comments for Itch On One Toe and Groin Area

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Jun 18, 2010
Damned Candida can drive you wild!!
by: Anonymous

Hi Kerri..yes, like you had all sorts of problems that were ocurring over the years....including the fluttering ear, but with increasing food intolerences, which finally let to two hospital admissions for hugely racing heart. Well, I looked up the Candida regime for eating, and there are some things that you have to take into consideration. I do not eat carbs at all.......I do not have rice, bread, pasta etc nor do I eat fruit that has fast releasing sugars. I stick to berries...such as blueberries, rasberries, strawberries, loganberries etc. I eat shredded wheat with probiotic yoghurt and handfuls of berries for breakfast.....shredded wheat is the ONLY cereal without sugar. Other than that, I eat all meat, and with the vegetables I have to check the list of what can and cannot be eaten as I do not eat potatoes, carrots and others that release sugar quickly. It can be extremely hard to get into what you should and should not have...but it is worth it to stick to it. I also do not eat dairy products, only eating Probiotic yoghurt and unsweetened soya milk. The one benefit of this is that the weight just falls off...and now have lost over 3 stone! Also have just had blood tests done to see how I fare with health, and all came back good for diabetes,thyroid, full blood count,fasting glucose levels and best of all the cholesterol levels were 5 which was good. I won't be going back to the eating habits I had before and now very seldom do I want to eat carbs...if I feel the need...I just have another bowl of shredded wheat, yoghurt and berries lol.....and the other thing I eat a lot of is fish.....well...hope you feel the benefits of getting rid of the yeast and sugars out of your system...I know I feel a lot better now after 8 months on the Candida diet.....and look better too.....Gail

May 30, 2010
Safe To Colon Cleanse
by: Angie

Hi Kerri,

I'm so pleased to be able to be a help and encouragement in any way I can.

I can't speak for all colon cleansing products, but it is definitely safe to use Herbal Fiberblend for extended periods of time.

Some people use it faithfully for years (although I believe it's best to give yourself a break from it from time to time).

Just start with only 1 tsp. twice per day and work your way up to 1 Tbsp. twice per day. You want to gradually allow your body to adjust to the increase in fiber and the strength of the herbs over a 2 week period.

Definitely keep us posted.


May 30, 2010
Itchy toe and groin area
by: Kerri

Thank you so much for your quick reply. After I wrote it I began to think about the timeline and how it hasnt really been all that long. It just feels like it when you begin to say no to yourself. hahaha. I have always been addicted to sugar and carbs. Now I know why...nice of me to feed those parasites all these years. You are right I need to keep at it and imagine them dying off. They are probably fat and happy living off old plunder. But everyday I deny them is another day closer to my goal.
I will check into the links you gave me. I did a 10 day cleanse and think maybe its time to do another. Is it safe to do another one so soon?
You have given me wise advice and I very much appreciate it.
I will report back when I see any more improvement if you think anyone would benefit.
Again many thanks...I think it was just wearing me down and I needed to keep up the faith.
You helped me see that...
God bless you!

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