Itching Around Private Area...

by R

What could cause itching around private area?

Ever since I was around 15 (30 female now) I have had a itchy place on the inside of my legs where my thigh connects to my body. Sometimes it spreads to my private area as well. It gets very itchy and the skin seems to peel.

About 10 hrs after I take a shower, it will start to get a little smelly (I know, its awful) smells sweaty. If I scratch it, I can clean the skin out from under my nails. Most of the time it really burns.

I have been to MANY doctors and have been treated for yeast infection, jock itch, and more things.

When I am not having problems with it, my skin is now completely brown, like stained or something.

If you know what this is, please let me know, been going on for 15 years and I can't take it anymore.

Hi R,

I can understand why you would have been treated for a yeast infection since itching around the private area is generally one of the main symptoms.

What treatments have you been given for that? I'm guessing it was probably synthetic drugs, prescription creams, etc.? Even if they didn't do the job, that doesn't rule out yeast as an underlying cause.

Unfortunately, some of the recommended treatments for yeast infection, jock itch, etc., end up making matters worse rather than better. This is because they either don't get rid of the yeast overgrowth entirely, or they also attack the good bacteria in the body leaving the immune system vulnerable to a quick regrowth of the fungi.

Would you happen to remember if you had taken antibiotics when you were young prior to noticing this itchy place on your leg? That's
a possible trigger.

Of course, it doesn't have to be a yeast infection at all - that's just the first thing I would consider. It may be some other type of skin irritation like a mild case of eczema, psoriasis, or something similar.

In those cases I tend to suggest a good digestive and liver cleanse to help reduce the toxic load on the body - this often clears up many types of skin conditions.

Even if it was a yeast infection, I'd still suggest some cleansing with Herbal Fiberblend to help get the yeast under control. That should be supported with good bacteria/probiotics like Florafood.

Topically, I can offer a few suggestions, too. First of all, you can get some organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg's is a good brand) and use it to cleanse the vaginal area and the nearby itching skin.

If you have access to an aloe vera plant, open a stem and apply the gel to the itchy patch of skin on your upper thigh. Aloe has some pretty good healing properties.

Another option is vitamin e oil. I would get some vitamin e oil and apply it to the browned skin at least once per day. If you can do it morning and evening, even better. It will moisturize the skin and help heal the damaged skin.

I suspect that the skin in that area has turned brown from the continual trauma to it over the years.

I hope some of these suggestions will be helpful to you in getting rid of the itching around private area and repairing the damaged skin. I'd be pleased to hear how they work for you if you remember to come back and give an update.

To your good health!

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Jan 14, 2017
Geranium works! NEW
by: Lacey

This sounds exactly like what my husband had. He tried all the jock itch and antifungal stuff he could find over the counter. When nothing worked I convinced him to put some of my organic geranium essential oil on it because I know geranium is very antibacterial and antifungal. After one application it was almost gone the next day. I swear by this and have used it for other strange rashes since then with the same luck. It does burn a little on irritated skin but I think it's worth a little burning to kill off the infection.

Jun 29, 2014
lichen sclerosis NEW
by: Jude

You may have lichen sclerosis, you should have your doctor take a test for it.

Oct 24, 2012
Itching Private Area NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Vickie,

Itching in the private area (specifically in the vagina or rectum) is usually the result of a fungal overgrowth (yeast infection) or parasites (pinworm, etc.).

Unfortunately, the problem doesn't usually "just go away" on its own. The itching is just a symptom of an underlying condition that needs to be put right.

Whenever I start to develop those symptoms (and believe me, most of us do at some time or another), this is what I do...

  1. Cut out the sugars for a while.
  2. Start taking Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood every day. The Herbal Fiberblend gets rid of parasites and fungal overgrowth, and the Florafood builds up the good bacteria in your immune system.
  3. Use organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's) to rinse the vaginal area (dilute with water if preferred) several times per day.

Following those steps usually takes care of the problem fairly quickly. I keep taking the supplements for an extra week or two after the symptoms are gone, just to be sure I don't get a recurrence.

Hope that helps you.

Oct 23, 2012
private area NEW
by: vickie

i just want to say it is the problem i am facing right now hopes it goes away

May 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

PRobably a fungal infection. I had that once. YOu can buy over the counter jock itch stuff and spread that on inside your thighs. Good luck.

Jul 22, 2010
Itching and Aloe
by: Anonymous

I think your on to something when you suggest aloe vera to treat the itch.

Jul 17, 2010
by: Anonymous


When treating s yeast infection, you must continue to use the meds, even when it appears that you have healed. They are very difficult to treat I agree with the aloe plants and I often oder my plants from Treatment that was offered to you in the previous article, suggesting that you cleanse your liver and colon is essential for medications to work more efficiently. The flora in your intestines must be normal, and the enzyme levels in your liver.

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