Itching Between Fingers And Toes

by Evelyn
(Ireland, Cavan)

Red wheels and white circles along itchy flesh...

I am 69 year old woman and I suspect I may have a parasite or worm.

I'll be doing nothing and suddenly I'll start itching between fingers and toes and spreads to arms and the whole body - including ears, scalp, everywhere.

Where it itches I'll notice red, long 'wheels' - which have the appearance of 'moving', and the itch moves with it. With the redness (that part of skin is raised btw), there will be white perfect circles, which are dented in.

The only thing that has helped has been Xyzal, but regularly the itch returns.

Any assistance will be helpful! I suffer terribly with this! Thank you.

Dear Evelyn,

I'm sorry to hear you are having so much suffering with this terrible itching between fingers and toes that is spreading all over your body.

The description of the welts (red wheels and white circles) sounds like an allergic reaction to something.

I'm not sure whether you do have a parasite worm or not, but you certainly have SOMETHING in your system that is causing you to react in such an unpleasant way.

Have you thought about any changes you may have had in your daily life just prior to the onset of this itching between fingers and toes?

I'm referring to changes like new soap, new laundry detergent, new dietary changes, a new carpet, a new pet, new hairspray, makeup, body lotion, anything at all that may have exposed you to some new chemical or other allergen that could have set off an allergic reaction in your body.

I just wanted you to take that into consideration because I know that this has been an issue with some people I've dealt with in the past who were experiencing large spreading welts that were the result of allergic reactions.

Now, let's talk about what steps you can take to try to get rid of the problem if it should be something like a parasite worm in your system.

The first step is always cleansing. You need a good intestinal cleanse that will help to clean parasites, toxins, bacteria, worms, etc., out of your system. I always recommend Herbal Fiberblend because it has proven to be
effective for nearly 20 years and I've used it myself.

You would start with 1 tsp. 2x per day and gradually work your way up to 3 tsp. 2x per day over a 2 week period. You then continue at that level for about 3 months and then gradually reduce back down until you are through cleansing.

While cleansing your body, it is also important to nourish and build your immune system also. For that I would recommend Barley Life and AIMega. You can read more about the wonderful benefits you will receive in the way of nutrition and essential fatty acids.

You would start with the Barley Life taking only 1 tsp. per day and then you can take 2 tsp. at a time and then increase to twice per day. BarleyLife is more effective when taken on an empty stomach. I think you'll be amazed at the increase in your energy levels when using Barley Life. :)

With the AIMega, you will take 2-3 capsules twice a day with food.

These three supplements, when used together provide a very well rounded way to cleanse, nourish, and build your immune system and bring about faster results than if they were taken alone.

One important point to remember is to take the Herbal Fiberblend at least 1 hour away from the other supplements and any other medication you may be taking.

One final supplement you may want to consider is the Bear Paw Garlic since it has wonderful anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties, so it works well as a blood cleaner.

Since you live in Ireland, you would need to place your order using the UK order form.

If you are a lady who can commit to a plan of action and stick to it, it's my belief that you will find these suggestions very helpful to you.

Again, don't forget to take a good look around your house and think about what you may have acquired or changed right around the time you began experiencing itching between fingers and toes.

Please feel free to ask further questions if needed. I also enjoy hearing follow up reports from people as they go through the cleansing process.

To your good health!

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