Itchy and Paranoid

by Mikus
(Hoboken, NJ)

Am I itchy and paranoid or are there bugs bugging me?

I just moved into a NYC area condo a week ago and ever since I have had mild points of itchy skin randomly scattered from my scalp to my feet.

Feels like a hair or something out of place, sort of tickly. No rashes or redness, but some dry skin in areas including a little dandruff that I normally have.

We stored our things in a storage facility for 2 weeks, so I am wondering if some type of bug got into our stuff and is biting me.

I've been searching for bugs on myself during the day and in the middle of the night in bed with a flashlight.

The only thing I found was during the day. There was a 2mm red brown oval bug walking on my leg while I was in my apartment which had a close resemblance to a bed bug, but I lost it before I could get closeup photos.

Maybe my skin is just dry and I'm paranoid.

Yikes! Mikus, I know what you mean about wondering if you are itchy and paranoid or if there really is a reason for concern.

Honestly, someone only needs to start talking about head lice and I'm a goner! My head starts itching like crazy.

I can't possibly tell you for sure what is going on with you, but I can speculate along with you. :-)

Because you already have the dandruff and dry skin, it might just be a worsening condition along with the power of suggestion.

I would try to deal with that condition regardless. The Body Booster Pack along with AIMega would be a really good option for you to help detoxify your body and boost your immune system.

As strange as it may seem, dry skin is generally an internal problem. A build up of toxins in the system or a deficiency of certain nutrients may be the underlying cause.

Let me ask you this. Is anyone else in the household experiencing these itchy feelings? You certainly could have something residing in the condo or brought in from the storage unit that is the culprit for these additional itchy sensations.

It could be mites, a fungus, bedbugs (but with bedbugs generally you'll be bitten while you are sleeping and have the marks to prove it), or some allergen that you are particularly sensitive to.

All the best with it.

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