Itchy Nose

by Lucy
(Shippensburg, Pa)

My two year old gets awake at night with a terribly itchy nose. It keeps him awake and he gets terribly frustrated. He blows it and blows it, and it does not help.

I am suspicious of parasites. Would they cause his nose to be so itchy and could he possibly have them in his nasal passage?

I had done a cleanse on him this past winter. If he would possibly have them in his nose would a cleanse take care them too?

Hi Lucy,

Yes, parasites can cause a very itchy nose. Do you notice if he has any anal itching, too? That's another very common symptom of internal parasites.

Depending on the type of cleanse you use, it should eliminate parasites throughout the whole body, including the nose.

Does your son eat very much sugar in his diet - even fruit juices? Sugar should be eliminated in cases of parasites or yeast infection. They feed and encourage parasite growth.

Speaking of food, even a food allergy could cause an itchy nose, so take that into consideration, too.

Cleansing is important, but it is also important to build up the good bacteria in his system so that he doesn't have recurring growth of parasites when you stop the cleanse.

Try giving him some probiotics each day (like acidophilus or Florafood) for a few weeks or until you know for sure that his immune system is strong again and the problem is completely under control.

I'd love to hear how you both are doing as you go along.

To your good health!

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