Itchy Skin Rash

by Frustrated In Canada

Help Fighting A Chronic Itchy Skin Rash

Help Fighting A Chronic Itchy Skin Rash

My 4 year old son, born in Southern Africa, has struggled with coughs and itchy skin rashes from the first day we met him.

We did allergy testing and he came up as allergic to gluten, so we thought that might deal with the issues. It's taken care of the cough, but not the rashes.

Most distinctive is dry, white skin around his eyes (raccoon eyes), bumps on his abdomen, what most people think is eczema around his lips, inside of elbows, groin, backs of knees, etc.

We've done a yeast cleanse with no major result. Could this be some kind of parasite? We are tired of itchy, itchy skin!

~ Frustrated in Canada

Dear Frustrated in Canada,

So sorry to hear about your little fellow and his chronic itchy skin rash. Poor little guy!

My first thought when you described his condition was also a yeast overgrowth, but you mentioned that you've already completed a yeast cleanse protocol without any noticeable change or improvement.

I assume you used a good herbal cleanse along with some replenishing probiotics? Something like Herbal Fiberblend?

I suppose there could be some other parasite causing this continual rash, but a good cleanse should have worked on other parasites as well.

This is a tough one, but my best suggestions would be for you to tackle it from the opposite direction now.

You've been concentrating on elimination and cleansing,
but how about boosting and nourishing instead?

By that I mean, try to get as much really strong nutrition and support into him as possible so that his own body can tackle the problem by whatever means needed.

Basically, I'm talking about "cell food." Our body is constantly trying to create new healthy cells and repair damaged cells. In order to do that successfully and keep us in the best health, it has to have plenty of nourishing cell food.

Because your boy is only 4 it can be challenging to get as much good nutrition in him as possible. I would suggest that you get some BarleyLife and AIMega and try to get some in him at least once per day (more often if possible).

Interestingly enough, I knew of a man once who had a stubborn itchy skin rash that he was battling and he made a paste of the BarleyLife powder and water and applied it topically. Sure enough, the rash healed as a result.

Something else you might want to try for topical use is organic cold pressed coconut oil. It is very nourishing and healing to the skin and may do the trick, too.

Do let me know if you put any of these suggestions to good use and are successful in getting rid of your little boy's itchy skin rash. I pray that you have very good results.

Angie from

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